Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pics of New Stuff - Track and Field Jackets, Run: Reflection Vests, Recharge Tank

 Track and Field Jacket

I'm looking forward to trying on the Alarming Ombre stripe Track and Field Jacket when it arrives in my local stores. I liked the pattern a lot better in person than in these photos. I can't say I like the Citron version as much but if it went on markdown I'd get it.

Run: Reflection Vest

Run: Recharge Tank

Commit Tanks

Scoop Neck Tanks - The static stripe one is cute in person

Try On Report - Commit Tank, Fouette Tank, Free to Be Bra, New Swiftly Racerback

SCWA/SCLW Commit Tank - A US Only Color?

I tried on the Commit tank today and I must recant my poo-pooing of it in my previous post. It's actually a very flattering tank once you have it on. Based on my try-on and photos I've seen, I think it looks better on women who have larger busts. I seriously thought about getting the above version since I love static coal stripe so much but didn't love the feel of the built in bra layered over my Champion Power back bra which is the only way I'd wear it. It just doesn't give enough support by itself. Be warned, tank fits pretty snug even in the belly.  For some reason I thought it had an adjustable bra inside but it doesn't.  I took some detailed photos of the Alarming:

This is a close up of the seaming on the top of the bust - it's a little different (flatter & more subtle) from the All Out Tank.

This tank looks nice on bustier ladies.

Free To Be Bra

I ended up buying this bra today. I could not resist the sexy back and I plan to use it under my strappy tanks for added support/confidence. It's made of power luxtreme and is pretty low cut. I think the front is low because it's made to go under strappy tanks. It only goes up to a 10 so I am overflowing the front a bit but since I am using it under other tanks it doesn't matter to me. The front strap is wide and sits at the top of your shoulder so you don't feel straps digging into you at all. It's very comfortable. I'm thinking this bra fits true to size since I feel a bit squeezed around the ribcage since my normal size is 12. Here are the product details from the hang tag:

Free to Be Bra:
1 - Find the freedom within this comfortable, moderate support bra
2 - Power luxtreme feels silky smooth, is light weight with high Lycra content and inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
3 - Open back allows for max breathability
4 - Barely there spaghetti straps won't dig into you or restrict your movement.
5 - Mesh bra construction with built-in pockets for removable cups
6 - Preshrunk
7 - Comes in black, citron, alarming (I don't think either store I went to had it in Oasis but you would think it would come in that color, too)

I also ended up buying myself a Fouette tank today. I tried it on with the Free to Be bra under it and it looks very cute. I'm pretty sure the Fouette tank is a spaghetti strap tank designed for larger busted women. It only goes up to a 10 and I'm a busty 12 and it fit me fine. It comes up high under the arms and I am not spilling out or squeezing out of it in the front. You show a bit of cleavage but nothing like the All Out tank. You can adjust the straps to pull it up a bit. It's very loose fitting through the abdomen just like it shows in the photos. I plan to use it for mostly street wear although I would wear it to the gym paired with the Free to Be underneath it. I recommend sizing down one size from your normal tank size.

 Track and Field Jacket in Alarming Ombre Stripe

I saw the Alarming Ombre stripe in the running shorts and it looks much better in person than in photos. I would seriously consider getting the Track and Field Jacket in this color. My store didn't have the jackets or vests to try on.

I tried on the new Run: Swiftly Racerbacks with the supposed new design that fixes the armhole issue. I had to try on the 10 - they didn't have a 12 - and it seemed to fit a bit better in the arm pits and the bottom was a bit looser. I'd have to try on the 12 to really tell. I have to say I'm not much of a fan of the Alarming in the swiftly fabric.

I saw the Dance Crops but didn't try them on since they only had up to a size 10. They looked a lot like Wunder Unders with a luxtreme ribbed cuff at the bottom. They are very cute.

I forgot to mention, there is a new headband style called the Untwisted headband. It's the same as the twisted headband - luon on one side, mesh on the other - but not twisted. It has the Lululemon logo on both sides. I almost bought it but didn't really love how it felt on - the outer edges were tight but the middle portion seemed loose. It seemed like it would slip off my head so I've decided to pass for now unless it comes in a color I can't live without.