Thursday, July 22, 2010

Product Alerts: Lolo Purple Starting to Arrvie

Scuba Hoodie in Lolo Purple - Yum!

Scuttlebutt on Facebook is that the Lolo Scuba is a distressed version and will cost $128! 

Photo of the Dark Classic Sport Gray/ Lolo Distressed Scuba Hoodie (from Facebook)

Ta Ta Tamer in Lolo

Push UR Limits in Alarming/Sidewalk Coal Stripe. Also, Oasis, Citron

Swiftly Racerbacks and Tees are arriving in Oasis and Alarming. A woman posted on Facebook today that the Swiftly Racerback is being re-worked to fix the odd fit in the armholes.

Reflection Skirt

Reflection Skirt Product Details:

  • Run in the park after dark in this reflective running skirt!

  • Swift is wicking, quick drying, light weight and breathable with 2-way stretch

  • Reflective swift panels have reflective yarns woven in for safety when running in low light

  • Soft wicking coolmax® liner

  • Gripper elastic at hem to prevent riding up

  • Secure pocket for your cards, keys & sport snacks

  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort

  • Fouette Tank Arrving in the US Now

    The Fouette tank is arriving in the US stores now. Anyone try it on yet? It's a cute tank. This was from a Portland store so it'll be down here in SoCal in a few days.

    Real Life Pics of Latest Stuff

    I am loving the Alarming Define Jacket. It's flattering on both brunettes and blondes:

    I think I may have to get one.  I love the combination of Citron and Alarming - so cute!

     Rock Out pants with the quilted top - too bad these weren't uploaded

     Scuba Hoodie - liking this a lot

    Love this outfit with the Define, Rock Out Pants, and Inner Strength tank.

    Not a real fan of the poofiness of the Light Up Skirt

    Inner Strength Tank and Wunder Under Grooves

    Coal/Citron Define with Polocrosse pant and Citron CRB, Classis Sport Gray/Alarming Stride and Mindful Short

    Screen Captures from Extended Sneak Peek

    Now that I am home I can put up the screen captures from the extended sneak peek. This is the special edition mesh CRB. I'll have to ask my husband how to advance the videos one frame at a time to better capture the pics but for now this is the best I can do. As I said before, the front of this tank is really interesting in that it's not a solid color; it looks like some sort of static lolo purple. The back is very sheer, as you can see at the top of the pic.

    Sorry I couldn't get a shot of the whole tank in the frame but she was moving this tank around quite a bit. This is the tank that is made of the new mesh/silverescent material. I am very interested in this one because of the material. I am always on the lookout for anything made of breathable and wicking materials. I have to say I find this color combo rather hideous. The style is also rather blah but maybe it'll look better on a person.

    Two-tone cotton tee.

    This is a very cute bag - I think she called this the Fast and Flight bag. The bottom color is Ivy. I wonder if they will be making clothes in this color.

    Today's Upload: Got Gift Cards in my Wallet, But Nothing I Want to Buy

    Kind of a weird upload today. The Alarming Power Y was uploaded but not the Oasis version. However, the new Oasis Grooves and Rock Out pants were uploaded. So, if you want to make an outfit with those pants and a Power Y you'll have to call the GEC to get the Oasis Power Y. Neither the Alarming nor the Oasis Defines were uploaded and they are in the stores now.

    The new Light Up Shorts were uploaded but I think people will be very disappointed in them. The padding is very small and nearly non-existent (i.e., very thin). They are fine for an indoor class. If you really want luluemon bike shorts, then buy the Saxo bank bibs in the above photo. I can't dissuade people enough from getting the Light Up shorts for outdoor cycling.

    I might be interested in getting the above Scuba Hoodie since it's a little longer than the Remix. However, I've read you should size up from your normal Remix size? Have you guys found that is true? I'd really like to try it on first.

    I also like the Rock Out pants but only three colors were uploaded - solid black, coal, and the Oasis. I read a review on the website that said the Rock Outs were friendlier to women with larger thighs than the Grooves. Have you guys found that to be true? I'll have to try them on next time I'm in the store.

    I saw the Alarming Inner Strength tank in the store last week and thought it was really cute. I am hoping some other tanks come out in this color but they seem to be arriving so slowly so I'm not hopeful.

    What did you all buy today?