Sunday, July 18, 2010

Loving Alarming & Oasis This Time Around

I am on vacation visiting family in Arizona and was able to visit both the Phoenix store and the Tucson showroom within the last day. [My husband is an indulgent guy. ;-)] I was hoping to get some good markdown deals but they had what is already on loot.  Both stores had the new Alarming and Oasis Power Ys, Inner Strength, Cool Racerbacks, and Define Jackets.  Has Alarming Red changed from last year or is it just used better this year? Because I was meh about it last year and really like it this year. I am hoping it will come out in some other tanks than the Power Y, Inner Strength, and CRB. I also really like Oasis much better this time around and it goes well with both Angel Blue and Lagoon. My sister bought an Oasis Power Y today. She ended up sizing down in that color because it seemed to fit a little larger in the chest than her normal size. She also bought a Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Power Y in her normal size so there might be something odd with the Oasis lot. Could be the batch that this store got or it's one of those color related size things I've run into before - maybe the oasis was made in a different factory than other Power Ys. She ended up buying quite a lot today - two pairs of Reverse Groove shorts, an Angle Half Moon jacket, two Power Ys, and, since it's my birthday, a Coal with Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Define jacket for me. I've had my eye on that jacket forever. What a great sister! I'd better get her something good for Christmas.

I finally got to view the extended version of the sneak peek video. The CRB mesh racerback looks interesting. The front part almost looked like luxtreme because it has that static pattern to it. Maybe luluemon is making light luon in the static pattern. About time they make something besides solid colored CRBs. I like power mesh a lot but think the mesh will be very see-through. It certainly looked that way when she held it up. The tank that looked like the Pep tank, with the new circle mesh/silverescent material was kind of ugly. The basic style was ok, but the color combo was ugh. I think it will be much better in another color combo or a solid. It was a rather ordinary looking tank but maybe the fabric will feel super amazing on. The Fireside french terry sweat pant looked comfy but those are the type of pant I'll be waiting to pick up on markdown. The bags were pretty cute. I especially liked the one that looked kind of like an update of the Lucky Tote.