Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip

I liked this Push UR Limits quite a lot but I already have three of them and I am preferring tanks without built in bras lately. That being said, if this same color scheme came out in the Zoom: Singlet, I'd get it in a second. I'd get it if it comes out in the Pep Tank, also. I sized one size down when trying on an Angel Pep tank today and that seems to be the key, for me anyway, to getting the straps to stay in place. The belly is a bit snugger than I prefer but I can't stand straps that fall down.

I tried on the Modern V-Neck tee, and like people said, you should size down one size. It was ok but the material is kind of on the thick side and I like tee shirts made from thin cotton. I also hate the seam down the back in the lighter colors.

I tried on the Wish Blue and Pig I Just Wanna Run Tanks. I really thought about getting them but the Pig is pretty see through - I could read the logo on my sports bra. The Wish was nice but I really prefer the look and fit of the Energy SL tank. Wish blue is very pretty so I hope more tanks come out in this color. I also liked Pig on me and I find that pastel pinks wash me out a bit. I tried on the Citron Power Y and liked that color a lot, too.

I ended up getting the Lime You Know Me Stripe Power Y for $34. I had almost bought this when it first came out but decided to go with the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe one instead. My store had quite a bit of markdown stuff left but most of the good stuff was gone. There were some Zoom Knee shorts left in size 8 and smaller sizes. I don't know why people aren't snapping those up. Now that the hot weather is here I really appreciate having luxtreme shorts for spin class. Oh yeah, what was interesting is that the store had solid black Zoom Crops for full price at $86. The also had the new coal with the pink zipper Zoom crops. I like my Zoom crops a lot. They are very similar to the Team Spirit crop except the back rise is a necessary inch higher and they have a mesh panel behind the knee. The mesh panel is both good and bad. Good because my leg feels slightly cooler in that area. Bad because I think the mesh doesn't stretch as much as luxtreme and so my leg feels more constricted  in that area when I bend it while cycling. I think they are nice running crops but I'm glad I got them from Loot for $49.

The Men Speak Out

A recent discussion thread among some men on lululemon's facebook site:

"Can you please tell whomever is in charge of the men's line to STOP WITH THE EASTER EGG colors? Seriously. There's nothing in there for straight men to buy except black."

"Agreed. Would like to see light grey, dark grey, black, dark blue, etc. And no more candy cane striped drawstrings. Your products are great -- great fabrics, well thought out, well constructed, etc. I'd like to be able to buy more -- if the color and style choices work."

Finally, some one said it. Lululemon makes great technical clothes but they've got to man-up their men's line a bit. Why did they think senorita pink would appeal to men in the first place? Hire some dudes that look like this to sell your stuff, not effete cyclists:





Today's Upload - Lots of Gray + Polocrosse Pant pics

 Push UR Limits in Dark Classic Sport Gray and Black

This is probably my favorite item from today's upload but I haven't bought it yet. I want to see it in person first. I think a lot of the grays are a lot more appealing in person. I don't think I loved Heathered Coal Wee Stripe as much on line as I did when I saw it in person. I ended up buying three tanks in that pattern - a first for me. Lululemon also replenished the stock in the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe in both the Power Y and Push UR Limits. Now that I think about it, I don't think the HCWS Push was ever on the website - it was just in the stores. Since I already have so much HCWS I don't think I am going to get any of the Static Coal Large Wave Stripe but that might change once I see it.

Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Push UR Limits - First time on the web

Static Coal Large Static Wave Stripe & Coal Push UR Limits

I already have a Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Power Y so I definitely can't see getting the Static Coal Wave Stripe Version. They are very similar, the Static Wave Stripe has slightly larger stripes and looks darker.

Static Coal Wave Stripe Power Y

Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Power Y

The Modern V-Neck Tees were also uploaded. I like them but I'll have to think about spending $48 on a basic tee. I wish they had the tiny breast pocket I see on everyone's tees these days. If it had that, I'd probably get one.

Modern V-Neck Tee

The new Strides are nice but I'm not really in a market for a jacket. Well, to be honest, I'd like to get a Coal one but would definitely prefer to get it on markdown (who doesn't?).

Static Charcoal and Dark Classic Sport Gray Stride Jacket

Static Charcoal and Black Stride Jacket

Static Coal Large Static Wave Stripe Stride

The SE Cool Racerbacks in Savage, Angel, and White were uploaded but the special stitching is so subtle I can't even be bothered to post the photos. I much prefer the circle mesh SEs and the contrast mesh armhole/neckline SEs. I really think the stitching SEs is a loser idea and Lululemon should put out more of the other kind.

Is this two-tone Swiftly tee a replenishment? I seem to remember seeing it before but that could have been in the store photos. The two-tone idea is very cute.

 More Lulu crops were uploaded. Someday I have to get a pair of these. They look so comfy.

So, what happened to the All Sport bra? Is Lululemon not making them anymore?
I wore mine under a Push UR Limits tank the other day to give me more support and it fit under it really nicely - nearly 100% hidden. I hope Lululemon continues to make them. They mush the girls down but they offer more support than the 50 Rep bra.

Here's a photo of the new Polocrosse pant. This is on a size 2 and they look really nice. However, I think you have to be pretty slender to carry these off.

More Fall Sneak Peeks from Lululemon

Lululemon just uploaded a video of the product "trainer" showing some of the fall goodies. I think you'll like what she shares with us. Here are some video captures:

New Remix with ribbed side panels and thumbholes. She also mentions that the logo has changed a little on the hood. Not sure if this is in reference to it no longer being like a "carpet".

New Run: Inspire Pullover made of running luon with reflective zippers on front and back left-side. It also has reflective saying on cuffins - one hand says "cold hands" the other says "warm heart". I would bet that the color is called Static Lolo.

Although this was sitting off to the side, it looks like the Inspire Pullover (or is it another top?) might also come in Static Oasis:

New luxtreme crop called the Inspire Crop - no gathers down the legs

New luon crop called the Cobra Crop - very cute & love the color!

Fouette Tank with adjustable straps and drawcord bottom, loose fit through tummy

New Color of Push UR Limits Tank - Mac N Cheese?

I almost forgot to include this. She showed a running skirt and these shorts made of a new version of the Swift fabric that has reflectivity woven into it so it won't wear off. I'd love a photo of these taken with and without a flash to demonstrate the reflectiveness.

Bon Voyage Duffle - Also comes in yellow

The video itself: 

fall 2010 sneak peek! from lululemon athletica on Vimeo.