Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Products Posted on the Cow Hollow FB Site

This looks pretty cute, I'll have to try it on. I definitely prefer a V-neck over a crew and this looks cute to layer over strappy tanks.

I'm so glad Lululemon is continuing to make the longer shorts. I find my Biker Grooves very comfortable and good for spin class. A reader reports the light aqua color is called River Rock. It looks similar to Angel but a bit greener. I wonder how close it is to Aruba from last summer. I loved the whole Aruba, Caribe, Gulf palette from last year. I look forward to see what other tanks show up in the two new aqua colors, Oasis and River Rock. Last time Oasis was around, none of the tanks it came in really worked for me. I'd love some circle mesh CRBs in any of these colors.

Running Key Cuff and Sweat Bands

For all you runners out there - what do you use to wipe the sweat off your face as you run? Your shirt or do you wear those terry sweat band cuffs? When I walk on warm days, I sweat like crazy but I hate to use my $60+ luluemon shirt to wipe sweat because I usually have some combination of suncreen/moisturizer/makeup on and I'd hate to permanently stain my shirt. I was thinking the Lululemon key cuff could be used as a sort of sweat band even though it's not as absorbent as terry. I swear lululemon used to make a men's terry cuff. If they made terry ones I'd buy them in a second.