Thursday, July 8, 2010

A collection of various body types in the Light Up Jersey and Light Up shorts. The woman on the left has Run: With It Crops on. The Light Up Jersey is pretty cute but why didn't they add some colorful piping in citron or pig or something to liven it up?

More Light Up Shorts

The Power Y is a bit overwhelmed by this woman's bust.

Glad to see other people have side boob issue with some of Lululemon's tanks/bras

Light Up Jersey and Shorts on a Bike

This photo gvies you an idea of what you'd look like wearing your new Light Up Jersey and Shorts on a bike.

The Hills Pullover on the left was out last fall. It looks like Lululemon is recycling the gray stripes idea.

Today's Upload

A rather small upload today, however a few cute items were uploaded. The Hip Halter is such a cute tank. They were out last spring. I bought one off eBay but found it pulled on my neck so I had to re-sell it. I can't believe how saggy the model looks in this tank. Maybe she is too busty for this tank.

New Wunder Under
The hidden pics I found look just like this pattern, so I'm more confident I found legit stuff. Not really a fan of the orange.

I swear I saw this is the stores already, maybe at Santa Monica, but don't recall it showing up in a product alert. I like the coal silverescent. If only it came in a tank version. Without the writing.

Featherlight sock - 3 pack for $24

I really like the Featherlight socks. My spin shoes are really tight so I have to wear very thin socks. These are rather dull, though.

On the Move Gym Bag - so cute!

Hip Halter Tank Real Life - still pretty long

Halter Hoodie from last year - it's a long tank

Here are a couple of extra photos of the Hip Halter tank to compare to the model photo. It's a long tank. You can always have lululemon hem it for you. They do tanks, also.