Friday, July 2, 2010

Great Comparison of Running Bottoms on Lululemon Facebook Site

Lululemon put up a great photo series on their facebook site highlighting the differences between their various running bottoms - the Zoom Knee Short, Zoom crop, Run: With It Crop, and the Empower Crop. The model is 5' 4" and a size 4. Follow the link to see more detail.

All the Loot Added Today - I'm Actually Tired of Shopping (Say What!?!?!)

Was your credit card on fire this afternoon? This whole week? What a weird time to make a major Loot upload - right around 4:30pm until 6 pm PT on the Friday of a major US holiday weekend (is Canada Day the prelude to a holiday weekend, too?). I was lucky my son had soccer practice late this afternoon so I could sit and refresh the Loot page every couple of minutes. There are a lot of goodies still left in Loot but I think they'll be picked off as people get re-connected to the internet. From what I can tell, all the items are also on sale in the stores. Reports are that the stores are clearing space for some really great fall stuff, including lots of new running stuff and some new cycling stuff (see prior posts). I got three pairs of luxtreme running bottoms, including solid black which rarely gets marked down, so I am very happy about that.

The first three new fall season items we've seen, besides the Light Up Tank and Bra, the Light Up Jersey, Light Up Shorts, and the Cross Train Pullover, I can live without. I can't really think about long sleeve pullovers at this time of year anway. It's heading into the heat of summer. I also don't care for the long sleeve luxtreme shirts. I bought two Run: Sport Henleys last fall and ended up selling them both. The luxtreme slides up on me as I move. I much prefer the running luon found in the Run: Hills Pullover and Run: Energy Pullover. I have two Run: Hills Pullovers and an Energy Pullover and wouldn't mind getting one more Energy Pullover provided it comes out in a solid subtle color like Sidewalk or Coal. I wore my Energy and Hills pullovers all the time last fall and winter, around the house, to my sons' soccer games, and for exercise. I wore them skiing as a base layer under my sweater. They are just fabulous - soft, comfortable, and a flattering fit. They were so popular, they have to be back this fall. The other top I bet a lot of people would like to see brought back is the Run: Spirit Pullover. I wished I lived in a colder climate so I could justify buying this. My sister bought two for winter running in Oregon and would have bought more but they were snapped up too quickly. The other  items I can see being brought back are the Wear With All Jacket, the Lulu Remix Light, and the Gather Together Jacket. These were all pretty popular last fall.

All in all, I've bought a lot of great clothes lately, so the new stuff will have to be pretty spectacular for me to buy. My closet is getting pretty full and I have lots of tanks I don't wear anymore. Maybe they'll have some great prints coming out. We can always hope.

New Short - Light Up Shorts (No Wonder the Zoom Knee Shorts are on Sale)

Light Up Shorts Product Information:
  • Let your light shine with this performance cycling short!
  • Power luxtreme for muscle support & wicking during high-sweat workouts
  • Reflective features keep you visible on night rides and runs
  • High back rise for coverage while bent forward
  • Light Weight, quick-dry chamois for padded comfort
  • Storage! Secure pocket on back & 2 pockets on front
No wonder the Zoom Knee Shorts are on markdown. These look very similar except for the chamois. I would think there are grips on the inside of the legs, too.

Zoom Crops are now $49!!! Including black!

Sizes going fast!

Black Zoom Knee Shorts just hit the web for the US side

The black Zoom Knee shorts just hit the web on the US side. No 12s so good thing I made a trip today.

Run: Energy SL in loot for $29

This Run: Energy SL is now in Loot for $29. I saw this at the store today but forgot to post about it. I can't get over the letters - I'm just too old for this to look right but I love the Energy SL. I recommend sizing down one size. OMG, OMG, Oh my Gosh! It's all hitting the fan now.

FYI - Black Flashback Crops - sizes 2-10 in Loot now for $29

I'm pretty sure these were just uploaded. The full size range of 2-10 is now available in black for $29. I bought these in the older version without the stripes (also for $29). I think they make super cute, comfy casual wear and the price is pretty sweet.

OK, now I think they are putting everything that is in the stores into Loot now, plus a few older things like a random white Conditioning tank. I feel bad for the people who are traveling for the holiday weekend. This is CRAZY! Crazy good, that is!

New Stride Jacket Color

A woman posted this photo of her new Stride jacket on the lululemon facebook site today. This distressed-looking stripe was out last fall, although the Stride jacket looks like a coal stripe:

Silver Stripe Run Henley

Shopping Trip Report (Note - Stuff is being added to Loot on a continual basis today - keep checking!)

I went up to LA to see if I could find black Zoom Knee Shorts (the US side of the website has none) and to try them on since they are all un-returnable Loot now. I tried them on a few weeks ago but can't remember how they looked. I lucked out and the Santa Monica store had pretty much the full size and color range so I was able to get size 12 in both Black and the Coal. I also wanted to see if the Coal luxtreme would hide thigh imperfections as well as the black. I think I've come to the conclusion that the power luxtreme makes your legs look better than luon. I pretty much wear only my luxtreme crops to the gym these days, especially for spin class. I find them much cooler than luon. The luxtreme also don't pick up pet hair and lint or pill like luon does. I am psyched to wear these to spin class. I hope you guys are right when you say the coal doesn't show sweat too much. Now that I have these I am wondering if I should keep my Biker Groove shorts which are pretty much the same thing, except in luon.

The store also had Run: Zoom Singlets  marked down to $39. They had quite a size selection so I guess they didn't sell well. I wonder if these will moved over to the on-line loot. I was thinking about getting the Potion striped one but I went with the black. I'm not really one for the all-black ninja look but I love this tank. Also, I figured I could wear them with my new coal Zoom Knee shorts.

Other Markdowns: The Santa Monica store also had a few Power Ys in leftover colors - Savage Green stripe (now on the website) and lavender for $29. They had older colors in the Run: Swiftly tank for $29 and the tee shirt for $39 (tang light, antidote, silver - now on the website). They had quite a few pairs of running shorts marked down. I saw leftover Reverse Groove shorts for $34.

It seems like the website is being updated with Loot continually today to match what is in the stores. Keep checking it to see if what you want is being uploaded.

Dang, I am tempted to order the Silver Run: Swiftly tee but I've already spent enough for this week.  If it was $10 cheaper, I would. ;-)

New Running Items - Light Up Jersey, Cross Train Pullover, Light Up Bra

Light Up Jersey Product Details:

  • Let your light shine with this performance cycling jersey
  • Power luxtreme™ feels silky smooth, and is light weight with high LYCRA® content, and inherent wicking
  • Reflective features keep you visible on night rides and runs
  • 2 easy access back pockets to store water bottles, gels or music
  • Body mapping mesh panels to keep you cool while you heat up
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Also comes in black and white
So, the Light Up Jersey looks like a cute enough top. Would I buy it to cycle in? Maybe if it came in brighter colors. The coal is just not visible enough. Back in the day, I used to be into cycling and have completed a century ride so I have some knowledge of what I am talking about. Anything that makes you more visible to cars is a bonus. There is a reason you usually see cyclists wearing very garish jerseys - they want you to see them.

Another reason I probably wouldn't buy Lululemon for cycling is that I don't think the fabrics are very durable. I've caused damage to my luon pants by leaning against a brick wall. I've put pulls in my luxtreme tops just farting around the house. When you cycle, there's often a good chance you might have to change a tire on the side of the road. You might even fall off your bike. My Pearl Izumi bike shorts are made of much thicker material than power luxtreme. Yes, it's heavier weight but it has to be. Also, are the reflective stripes only on the front of the top? Shouldn't there be some on the back and arms, where the motion is? I'll give lulu the benefit of the doubt and assume there is reflective stuff on the back of the top.

Run: Cross Train Pullover Product Details:

  • Runners' favourite buttery soft performance top
  • Luxtreme™ is light weight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Anti-stink circle mesh panels to ventilate high sweat areas
  • Secure zipper pocket on the back for cards, keys, & sport snacks
  • Don't fiddle; thumbholes keep your sleeves down, set-your-ponytail free keeps your hood up!
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • $99 
The top part of this pullover reminds me of the Run: Wrap Tech from a couple of years ago. I think if you are too busty the seam running across the bottom of the bust is going to sit too high.

 Light Up Bra Product Details:

  • Let your light shine with this medium support bra
  • Power luxtreme™ feels silky smooth, and is light weight with high LYCRA® content, and inherent wicking
  • Reflective features keep you visible on night rides and runs
  • If bra only isn't your style, layer under a loose fit singlet keeping reflective straps showing
  • Anti-stink circle mesh liner with pockets for removable cups
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance

New Items in On-Line Loot!

New items were added to the on-line Loot this morning. The Halter Hoodies are $29 but are going fast.

Zoom Knee Shorts are $49! The colors that were just added a few days ago are on sale, too! Too bad there are no black ones left! Canada has a lot more sizes but the Zoom Knee shorts seems to be more popular here. I am deliberating about getting the gray but I don't think I can do it. It has a big Angel Blue panel in it and I only have one Angle tank. I think I may take my chances in the store and hope I find a black in my size.

 The Spring Fling tank is $34 but they are almost all gone on the US side.

The Gather Dance Strap bra is $29.

Well, I'm off to the stores to see what I can find.