Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pics - On the Go Gym Bag, Define Jackets, Cool Racerbacks

On the Go Gym Bag

Define Jackets in Wish Blue, Pig Pink, and Citron

Cool Racerback Rainbow - (R to L) Cool, Angel Blue, Savage Green, Lime, Citron, Mac N Cheese Yellow, Electric Orange, Senorita Pink, Pig Pink

This Cool Racerback rainbow kind of annoys me. It's been a week or so now and where are the other tank designs besides the CRB and the Power Y in the new colors? (Oh yeah, there was also the Hip Halter tank - a tank brought back from last summer.) So far, my product alerts for the week look pretty lame - Define jackets, Groove Pants and shorts, CRBs, Power Ys, and the Hip Halter. Zzzzzzzzzz......... Nothing making me want to run down to the store. I guess I'll wait to see what else shows up in the pipeline.

Flashback and Free 2 Be Jackets Now in Loot for $59

Flashback Jacket $59

I have the black Flashback jacket and really like it. It fits a little on the big side so you may want to size down depending on how you like your jackets to fit. Also, the zipper is metal and has sharp teeth so be extra careful if you wear this jacket with a Run: Swiftly shirt underneath.

Free 2 Be Jacket

Lots of love for the Free 2 Be Jacket. I tried it on and liked it well enough but not for $98. I'm not a fan of the wide collar and big hood but a lot of people really like this jacket. For $59, it's a decent buy.

If you are thinking of getting either of these jackets, do a search for either one (box is on the upper right side of the screen) and it will bring up all the posts that have comments on these jackets.