Sunday, June 27, 2010

Potion Purple Run: Swiftly Bleeds!

Ugh, I've read about Lululemon's bleeding problems but haven't experienced it until now. I finally washed my Potion Purple Run: Swiftly for the first time and noticed the tops of my sidewalk and white Featherlite socks looked pinkish. I happened to wear a white bra under my shirt today and sure enough, the armpits were stained purplish. I also washed my Run: Team Spirit crops with the white splatter band at the top with my swiftly shirt but the white band did not pick up or, most likely, retain the pink stain. Luckily, everything else I washed it with was purple, coal, or black.

Yay, the white band remained white

Boo, tops of socks are now faintly pinkish

Anyway, for those of you who bought a potion purple swiftly, be sure to wash it with only similar colors or other black items and wear it with a black or similar colored bra.