Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Pics of New Stuff - Hip Halter, Stratus Wunder Unders, Wish Blue, Pig, Citron

Hip Halter - Pig with Classic Sport Gray

Stratus Crop -Coal with Pig and Classic Sport Gray (other colors on right)

Wish Blue Power Y with Matching Stratus Wunder Under Crop

Citron and Coal Power Y

Comparison of Old Stratus Crops and New Stratus Wonder Unders

 Stratus Crops from May 2009
The Stratus crops came out last May but never made it my local stores so I never got to try them on. I think they showed up on-line only. The waistband and leg stripe designs have now been incorporated into the Wunder Unders:

 New Stratus Wunder Unders

For those of you who are thinking of buying the new Stratus Wunder Unders here is what a couple of readers had to say about the waistband and leg stripes:

Pilatesmom gave a review of the fit of the Stratus crops: a few years ago lulu did a stratus style crop with a flared bottom and I didn't like the feeling of all the seaming on my tush and the waistband was a single layer (not double layer with pocket like the current wunders or grooves) and resulted in a bit of a digging in sensation at the waist. 

Momof5 also remembers a similar waistband design and gives her review: I had a pair of crops that although they weren't the stratus were similar with the diagonal stitching -- and I ended up selling them because the stitching was so annoying while working out -- I forget the name of the crops -- I would have to wait until any reviews came out about these -- they look cute -- but the excessive stitching might be an issue!

More Photos of the Newest Colors