Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Define Colors Coming - Pig Pink and Wish Blue

A screen capture of a Lululemon video featuring Define jackets in new colors: Pig Pink and Wish Blue. It looks a lot like Bold Blue or even the older Royale, show in the Ujjayi tank below. The zipper has been changed a little, as you can see on the Pig Pink on the left. It looks a bit more industrial and obvious. Not sure if I like it, I'll have to see in person. I hope there is a bolder pink in the upcoming palette. I already have a Bubbilicious tank, not sure if I want another pale pink tank.

Ujjayi tank in Royale Blue

Angel Blue Define - showing the older style zipper

White with Angel SE CRB and Knotty Tank Pic

Finally, a pic of the Special Edition Cool Racerback white with Angel Blue mesh edging. I'd show the front but she wore and Angel Flow Y under it and you can't tell the edging from the bra.

Knotty Tank tied at the back - still not liking it.