Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pics - Savage Stripe Tracker Shorts

These are kind of fun. They could be cute on the right person.

Prime example of the "got dressed in the dark" look

Today's Shopping Trip & Try Ons

 I went to my other local Lululemon to see what they had on markdown and to see if they had received the short sleeve Swiftly tees in Savage and Angel. However, no such luck on the new Swiftlys. They didn't have too much on markdown for really good prices but I did end up getting a Run: Like The Wind Singlet for $19. I didn't like the funny flap in the front when this tank first came out with a price tag of $58 (it has been repriced to $42 on the website) but when it hit $19 it magically became a lot more attractive to me. The body is circle mesh which makes it very cool and breathable. The flap in front is a bit goofy but on me it lies flatter than on the model from the website as shown in the first photo - It looks more like the woman in the second photo. The white circle mesh is so see through you need the flap for coverage reasons. There is also an exterior pocket big enough for my ipod so all my basic criteria for a new tank is met - extremely breathable material, can wear my own bra, open back, good color, and ipod pocket. It's not the most beautiful tank but I think it will be very cool to wear for spin class in the summer and for $19 I am happy.

I saw and tried on the new SE Cool Racerbacks. They are edged in mesh. This means the white edging on the green looks more like mint because the green is underneath the white. The other version was white with Angel Blue and a Potion with Potion Mesh. Why they didn't edge the Potion in lavender mesh is beyond me. That would have been really pretty but in the Potion with Potion version you can't tell there is any difference between it and a regular potion CRB. I tried on the savage and liked the two-tone look a lot but green just isn't a color that I am drawn to that much. The white with Angel was very cute but I try to stay away from white tanks as a rule (well, for full price anyway) because of potential stains and yellowing reasons. However, I really like the two tone CRB idea and hope they keep making them. 

I tried on the Gather Dance Strap Tank. It's a very cute tank but it only goes up to a 10 and I'm pretty busty so it didn't work for me at all - I was spilling out all over the place. I didn't think the tank was that short on me - it probably hit me about bikini height.

Since so many people like the Namaste Coverup, I tried it on but I didn't care for it. I don't like the short sleeves and the place where I tied it up sat too low on me, right at my thicker area. I could probably get it to look like the model but that would require to much fuss for me.

Pics of Knotty Tank Knotted & New Gather Dance Strap Bra

Knotty Tank - Knotted - feh. 

It's probably sexier left open...

Gather Dance Strap Bra