Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool Racerback SE - Me Likey!

New SE Cool Racerback in Saavage with white trim. There is also an white with angel blue or Angel with white (it was described both ways in two different product alerts) - as soon as I find a pic, I'll post.

Knotty Tank - Try On Report

I forgot to post that I tried on the knotty tank in coal today. The back is kind of cute and sexy with just a bra but the front was very maternity looking and not flattering. It needs to fit tighter through the waist - they needed to start the opening lower or something. I tried knotting it in back but then the slit gaped open and didn't look right.

Shopping Trip - Got Some Christmas Shopping Done Early

Lululemon Lab Photo - Classic Pullover for Women (left) & Men's Revive Crew (right)

If you go to the Lululemon Lab Facebook page, they have this photo with a caption that says "no need to steal your boyfriend's Revive Crew (which is what the handsome, young-enough-to-make-me-a-cougar man on the right is wearing), get your own cozy summer pullover with our Classic Pullover in Organic Cotton". My local lululemon had the same Revive Crew marked down to $24. I got a medium for my brother-in-law for Christmas but I may have to steal it - it's so soft and comfy and very boyfriend-ish looking.

I also got a long sleeve Metal Tech Vent shirt for my brother for $29. Two (maybe one) people crossed off my Christmas list.

I went to the store to see if I could find short sleeve run swiftly tees like pilatesmom found at her local store. Unfortunately, there were none. There were a few deals I considered getting but ultimately passed. My store had a pair of Run: Empower crops in Coal with Tang Light accents for $29. It was such a great deal but I just can't like the Empower crops. I find them too long on my leg, coming to just a couple of inches about my ankle (I'm 5'5") and a little too tight. Also, the color scheme would be a tough one to coordinate and I have no other tang light tanks. If it were any other run crops or a solid version, I probably would have gotten them. The store also a few Run: For Fun tanks in chirp and tang light marked down to $14 (!). It was such a deal, I really though about getting it but the neck and shoulders fit so loose and low, it's hard to get a good fit. The tank runs very large so I went down two sizes but I just couldn't like the fit.

Run: For Fun Tank

Run: Like the Wind Vest

The store also had one of these marked down to $34. I tried to like it since it was a deal but the vest just isn't practical. It's so thin and the armholes are so big, it offers nearly no warmth or wind protection which is why I'd put a vest on in the first place. It's also got one little pocket in the back.

My store also had Namaste pants marked down to $19 and Flashback pants and crops marked down to $24. The Get It Started Jackets were marked down to $69 or $79 but those jackets need to hit the forty dollar range before I'd consider them. They had a Too Cool Tunic in my size marked down to $19 which I tried on with the thought that it could be a pool coverup but it was just too awful.

I am hoping to hit a couple of other stores later this week.

To Cup or Not to Cup, That is the Question

A number of people have complained that they are not getting the bra cups with every tank they order from the GEC. This was brought up on the Lululemon Facebook site today and this is the response that was posted (and in agreement with what reader Momof5 was told when she called to get more bra cups):

In the interest of being more environmentally friendly, we are moving away from including cups with every tank/bra order because we've found so many are being thrown out. Don't forget that the cups are interchangeable! They'll fit in all your bras and tanks that accommodate removeable cups.

I think this answer is a bit specious. Sure you can reuse the cups but if you are just building up a lululemon wardrobe and you work out every day, that means you'll have to hand wash the cups that night to be able to wear a tank with cups the next day. Addionally, the cups are not nearly as durable as the tanks. After a while the edges get ratty and they get wrinkles so I think it's good to have spares to keep on hand.

I'd like to take a mini poll and ask you guys:  
Do you throw away your bra cup cookies? 

I haven't thrown away a single pair yet and I think I have bought something like forty or fifty tanks that came with the cups. I do use the cups when I wear my tanks out of the house, especially with the Luxtreme tanks. I am saving them because after a while the cups get wrinkled (I don't hand wash them) and some of the edges are getting tattered so I know I will end up throwing some away because of wear and tear. Most of the time I don't ask for cups when I buy a tank in the store because I have so many at home.

I think the best solution is to add a check box to the order to ask people whether they want the cups. However, I think with cups should be the default option on all the luxtreme and white tanks. The material is so thin it shows everything.