Friday, June 11, 2010

New Stuff - Run With It Vest in Potion/Savage Foxy Plaid, the Elusive Angel Swiftly Tee, Vintage Lulu

Finally, a photo of the Angel Blue Run: Swiftly SS tee proving it does exist. Does this mean that Savage and Potion tees will follow? I hope so. I ordered the Silver Swiftly tee the other day but it was too bland so I returned it. The Angel Blue was not in my local store yet but I hope it shows up. The Swiftly tees sell out so fast in my area.

Run: With It Vest in the Potion/Savage Foxy Plaid

Bliss Tank and Move Me Pant (?) - This girl makes the outfit looks so cool and comfy. The words 'daytime pajamas' come to mind. Mmmm.

Tank on the left is "vintage" Lululemon. It looks like it could be a Repose or Spark Tank. I love the green. Maybe the color can make a come back even if the style doesn't.

Love My New Coal Hat

Ok, why haven't I bought a Coal hat before? I think this color is more flattering than black. I guess I thought coal was boring. I see Potion Baseball caps are back in stock on the US side of the website. If you missed the Potion, it's there now.

Dang - Run Zoom Singlet re-stocked but not the Savage Green

Wasn't the Run: Zoom Singlet down to just the Angel blue version on the US side of the website? Now the HCWS and the black are back and fully stocked in 2-12. I wish the Savage Green stripe would be re-stocked. I missed that one and it's not showing up in my local stores although matching running crops and shorts are. Crumbs!

New I Just Wanna Run Colors

I am bummed. Someone posted on the Facebook site that they got a Product Alert that the I Just Wanna Run is coming in the new colors - Angel, Lime, and best of all, Potion Purple. As soon as I find a pic of them, I'll post it. (Although, as I am thinking about it, could this person have gotten the alert mixed up with the Energy SL? Has Lululemon over-lapped colors between the two tanks before? I get quite a few product alerts from Canadian stores and I haven't seen the IJWR pop up yet. Hmmm) With the ruching on the front, there is no way they can put words on the front so I could get the Potion silverescent tank I've been wanting. The only problem is that I really prefer the design of the Run: Energy SL. One of my biggest pet peeves about the IJWR is that the ipod pocket is in the inside of the shirt at the back and not on the outside like the Energy. It used to be that Lululemon put ipod pockets in just about everything. I have older Deep V bras, not Almost Deep Vs, that have an ipod pocket on the inside of the bra above the left breast. The skinny nano fits perfectly in it. My old Power V used to have an ipod pouch on the inside, at the top of the left breast. This is often where I tuck my nano anyway when I don't have a built in pocket handy, or when I'm doing something like the hamstring machine where I have to lay on my belly and I'd be on top of my nano in the waistband pocket of my crops. Why did they take the ipod pockets out? Do most runners not use an ipod when they run or do they use the little clip ipods?

Yesterdays's Upload

Yesterday's upload held a surprise with two pretty Wear With All Jackets - one in Bold Blue and one in Alarming Red. We've been seeing pastels and light colors on the store Facebook pages so the stronger colors were nice to see. Bold Blue was one of my favorite colors from last fall. I've tried to like Alarming Red on me but I don't have the right coloring. However, it looks great on this girl from the Fit & Function photos:

Some gorgeous Flashback jackets also showed up today:

I tried the Angel Flashback on at the store today. For me it was too much baby blue. If I was a blue-eyed blonde, I'd be all over it. I didn't have time to try on the Potion or the Dark Classic Sport Gray version but I didn't want to tempt myself into buying a jacket so I stayed away from the colors I knew I'd really like.

The only other cute things that I really cared about were the two new Power Y striped prints which I have already written about:
Lime You Know Me - So cute!

My new addiction - Heathered Coal Wee Stripe
Savage Green Power Y
Mac N Cheese Cool Racerback - such a fun color