Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Run: Swiftly Tech Rainbow

All the colors of the Run: Swiftly Tech racerback - Potion, Lavender, Savage, Lime, Passion, Tang Light, Coal (Black?). Is the one on the right black or coal? I love it. Although, I would prefer the tee shirt and not the racerback.

Pics - Shanti Crops, Flashback Jacket

Photo of the new Shanti crop. I read that they are made of Beechlu and are fairly thin. I love lightweight, wide-legged cotton crops like these for summer so I am going to have to try these on.  The crops are paired with the Halter Hoodie which doesn't look that great in this photo. I have seen it look cuter in other photos, though.

Dark Classic Sports Gray Flashback Jacket with Frisby Accent

Wear With All - Frisby

I love my Wear With All but I prefer it in neutral colors. These are my two favorite colors it came in:


Heathered Charcoal - I love the contrasting bands at the cuffs and bottoms. I hope this color comes back in the fall.

Potion Push UR Limits - This is a tank that works well for bustier women

Press Tech Men's Shirt
I don't usually post the men's stuff but I like the striping scheme on this shirt.