Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pic - Double Back Tank

I kind of like the look of the Double Backed Tank, although not in this color. I wonder if there is a bra you could wear without it showing in the back. This tank would make an good cover up for the beach or pool.

Boogie On Short

Gather Short

I have three pairs of Boogie On shorts although they are all the tall version which are a couple of inches longer than Reverse Groove shorts. I love them because they are made of a lighter version of luon. You can still find some of the Tall Boogie Ons in the stores. I just saw some this weekend.

The Gather short is interesting. It's the same girl in both photos but her butt and legs look so much thinner in the Boogie On photo. I think part of it is the angle the photo was taken but the wide waistband of the Gather kind of cuts her in half. I wonder if the Gather Shorts look better from the back because the profile view is not nearly as flattering as the Boogie On.

Small Upload Today - Nothing I Wanted

The Spring Fling tank looks awful on the model and received lots of mocking on Lululemon's facebook page. Why was it uploaded to the tanks section? It's more of a "top" than a workout tank.

The Halter Hoodie was also uploaded to the Tanks section. This should be in the jackets. It cute here on the model but I'm still not buying it unless it hits the markdown rack at half off.
Only the Lime and Potion Run: Energy SLs were uploaded today. Both have words on them. I was hoping for the Angel Blue version to save a trip to the store.

Only the Angel Blue Pep Tank was uploaded. I was hoping to see the Savage Green and Potion Purple versions.

On the positive side, the Potion Namaste wrap was uploaded. It's very pretty.

I'm not sure why you'd want a cinch at the bottom of your skirt (Run: Tracker Skirt). People were complaining that the Roll Down skirt poofed out too much on them so I can't see them liking this skirt.