Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pics - Halter Hoodie in Real Life, Savage Swiftly, Savasana Wrap is back

Photo of the Halter Hoodie on a person.

Run: Swiftly in Savage Green - so pretty!

Cute outfit of Potion Purple Boogie On shorts & 50 Rep bra with lime Run: Energy SL.

Savasana Wraps are showing up in Canadian stores (I don't think they are here in the US).

New Tank - Double Racerback, more pics of new stuff

Double Racerback - Made of Pima
An interesting looking top. I'll have to see if I can find photos of someone wearing it. I wonder if the sides bulge out in person like they do on the drawing. Also, it looks like your bra would show.

Angel Blue Pep Tank

The new Cool Racerbacks are also coming in Savage Green and Senorita Pink.

Is Mac N Cheese Yellow Back?

Is Mac N Cheese (MACC) Yellow coming back? The Lake Oswego, Oregon just posted a photo of their new Macc Cool Racerback. I bought a lot of Mac N Cheese stuff last summer but have started to get rid of it because newer colors have been filling up my closet. Interesting. If Macc comes back, then that will mean Deep Navy will come back, too. Although, the Macc CRB could be a one-off like the Little Boy Blue crb.

Pics of New Stuff - New No Limts Colors, New Pep Tank Colors, Spring Fling

I like the color of this Spring Fling. It doesn't look too bad on this woman, but it's still not something I would buy. They should have streamlined it more.

New colors are available in the Run: Pep Tank in the US, including Angel Blue. I liked this tank when I tried it on (looser fitting through mid-section but still curve hugging, very breathable) before but did not like the colors it came in at the time. I'll have to revisit it in the new colors. It's another great tank for bustier women who have to wear their own bra. It's made of luxtreme with a circle mesh back and a pocket in the back.

New No Limits tanks in Coal/Pig pink, Black with Oasis, and Black with Lolo Purple. I don't know if I care for any of the new colors. They should have re-released the all black version. The all-black version has also been re-released.

Gorgeous Potion Purple Classy Classic gym bag. However, the plaid one looks a bit like a diaper bag:

The Run: With It Jacket looks very cute on this girl and in this outfit. I love the whole look - the Sidewalk plaid paired with the lime tank, gray skirt, and lime and gray gym bag.