Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pic - Black Stow N Go

The black version of the Stow N Go jacket is pretty cute.

Halter Hoodie Pic

This is the hooded french terry vest we heard about from a reader in Hawaii. Unfortunately, this is not what I pictured in my mind when I first read about it and thought it sounded cute. I would really like a zip up version with smaller armholes. I also hate the weird neckline. Darn, so close.

Spring Fling Tank - Bwahahah

Ambassador Photos - Lots of Outfit Ideas

These Ambassador photos have so many cute ideas for outfits. I think I love the lime and lavender combos the best. What I think is interesting is that all the educators and people featured in facebook photos/website are young women in their 20s for the most part but the ambassadors are women (and men) in their 30s and beyond.

More Pics - Sunblocker Pullover, Twisted Dress, Tencel Hot Short, Twisted Shoulder Tee

Here is a better photo of the Sunblocker Pullover showing the front snaps.

Angel Blue Twisted Dress

Twisted Tee - do you have to twist the arms yourself or are they permanently that way? It's hard to tell from the photos.

Tencel Hot Short

Gather Dance Strap Tank in Potion

Run: With It Jacket - Looks nice in this photo paired with a white long sleeve shirt and the gray Zoom shorts