Monday, May 31, 2010

New Stuff - Details Plus Twisted Shoulder Tee and Twisted Dress

Gather Dance Strap Tank
This picture shows the slit in the back better than the other. I was worried it had that nasty elastic but this looks nice and clean. The top part is made of luon and the bottom is luon light. There is a drawstring to cinch it in at the bottom hem. I'll have to try this on - the back is very sexy.

Photo of the Stow N Go in stowed form
The Stow N Go is made from Stretch Ripstop and has circle mesh under the arms and at the back of the neck.
Run: Tracker Skirt
The skirt has a cinchable bottom and liner shorts. I love the potion top with this plaid.
Close Up of Potion Purple Silverscent Run: Energy SL

Maybe I will get the potion after all even with the silly writing. I like the contrast of horizon stripe at the armhole and neck.

Twisted Shoulder Tee - yawn

Twisted Dress
The dress is reversible and made from Vitasea. It also looks like it has a cinchable hem. There is also an Angel Blue and White version.

Shopping Report & Pics of New Stuff - Gather Dance Strap, New Run Energy Sleevess, Sunblocker Pullover, Run With It Jacket, Stow N Go Pullover

Gather Dance Strap Tank - $58
This is a cute tank  - I love the double straps. I don't have any info on the fabric. I wouldn't use it for working out but for streetwear it's pretty.

New Colors of Run: Energy Sleeveless
I would be all over the Potion Purple one except for the stinking writing on the front. If it just said "lululemon" on the front, I might buy it. The Angel Blue is pretty but I just bought the Zoom: Singlet in that same color scheme. I have to say I love the Energy SL tanks, though. The side pocket holds my nano perfectly. I also sized down one size in the lavender one I bought. I hope they continue to make them in more colors without writing.

Run: Sunblocker Pullover
The Sunblockers don't do anything for me. I didn't care for the feel of the material and people have commented on here they wouldn't want to wear it much above mid-70-degree weather.We're heading into summer here and I can't really think about long sleeves.

Run: With It Jacket
I saw this when I was out shopping today. I didn't bother trying it on - it just looked too boxy laying on the table and I hate the cap sleeves. 

Stow N Go Jacket - $78
I like the nice, simple design of this jacket and the fact that it's not a pullover. I'll have to try this on when it hits the stores.

Flamingo Modern Racer - rather silly (is it supposed to be ironically retro?)

Swiftly Tech Shirt and Zoom Crops
I like this pic because the woman is curvy and looks great in her Lululemon.

Shopping/Try On Report - I went shopping today in the hopes of scoring some sales and wasn't disappointed. I picked up a lagoon short sleeve Run: Swiftly tee for half off. I totally lucked out because the other store I went to only had them marked down to $39/49. 

I tried on the new Run: Zoom Knee Short. I liked them a lot but I already have my Biker Groove Shorts so couldn't really justify the price. The Zoom Knee shorts have two front waistband pockets. I also saw the Zoom Knee shorts in the Savage Horizon stripe that would match the Zoom: Singlet so I am hoping the green Zoom Singlet is coming to the US soon.
I also tried the Run: With It & Zoom crops. I couldn't find a 12 (I've been having a hard time finding 12s in bottoms so I don't know whether Lululemon is shipping fewer 12s or people are beating me to buying them. There are 12s on the website so I'm not sure what is up) but I tried on the 10s. They are nice luxtreme crops that came a couple inches below my knee and also has two front waistband pockets. I much prefer these shorter crops to the Empower crops. There were also quite a few luxtreme running crops - Empower and Team Spirit - on markdown at the stores I went to - mostly the coal gray ones but a few black with colored bands.

I tried on the Seek the Peak jacket. Pilatesmom is correct and the jacket looks pretty cute on you if the under jacket hugs your curves. I liked the jacket from the back but I still don't care for the short outer sleeves. Also, the pockets are tiny and I couldn't get my iPhone it it. It's big enough for a nano and that is about it. I wouldn't be able to get my keys in there either. It's comfortable and unique looking but I would only get one if it was on major markdown.