Sunday, May 23, 2010

Potion Purple Run: Swiftly Racerback - Gorgeous

What is the potion purple tank in this photo? A Run Swiftly? - The ridges around the armpit seem to indicate it might be. A Modern Racer? The Ribbed Tank?- It doesn't look ribbed. The tank is with the running shorts so I am hoping it is a Run: Swiftly tank. Does anyone know if there is a potion purple run Swiftly? If it is, I must get it - it's so pretty.

I just went back through my product alerts and there is a Potion Purple Run: Swiftly Racerback. It is gorgeous. I must get this.

 Run: Swiftly Short Sleeve - the middle is silver with potion accent

FYI - Bliss Tank: Great for Streetwear, Not So Good for Sweaty Workouts

One of the feedbacks on the Bliss tank said it's a great tank for casual wear but it really showcases sweat. Showing sweat isn't that bad in itself, but the reviewer said the wet tank then sticks to your stomach. That's gotta be annoying. This photo is from an in-store class. I still think it's a cute tank, but it's good to know that the tencel in the bottom portion isn't the best for sweaty workouts.