Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pic - Two-Tone Run Swiftly

The two-tone run swiftlys are very cute. Hopefully, there will be more to follow.

I forgot to post a photo of the Savage Green Run: Swiftly racerback. It's one of those colors, like Tang Light and Bold Blue, that look even better in the swiftly fabric than the others.

What Did Everyone Buy This Morning?

Run: Zoom Singlets in Angel Blue and Savage Green Horizon Stripe
What did you all order this morning? Anything? I am debating getting another Run: Zoom Singlet but it would be boring to get another striped one. I am trying to hold off ordering anything and hoping it comes out in more colors when the palette changes again. I wore the Singlet to spin this morning and found it really comfortable so I am thinking I will probably give in and get another. The Zoom Singlet did not show up on the Canadian side of the web. Other than the Zoom Singlet, nothing excited me. It's weird the Sun Salutation tanks haven't shown up yet.