Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pic - Run: Zoom Singlet in Angel Blue

Here is a photo of the Run: Zoom Singlet in Angel Blue with Heathered Coal Wee Stripe straps and front edging. The black bra (an All Sport?) underneath kind of ruins it. There is a new 50 rep bra that has heathered coal wee stripe straps that would look much nicer.

New Stride Jackets - Potion, White, Angel Blue

Store Trip Report - Run: Zoom Singlet (bought), Sun Salutation Tank (pretty nice), 50 Rep Bra (nice), Energy Short Sleeve (very nice)

Run: Zoom Singlet - Heathered Coal Wee Stripe with Coal

I ended up buying a Run: Zoom Singlet today. I had a hard time deciding between all three colors - potion purple stripe/potion purple mesh, solid angel blue, and heathered coal wee stripe/coal mesh - but ended up going home with the heathered coal wee stripe version because I thought the contrast stitching looked the best with black pants. Also, for some reason, I just love that pattern. 

My concerns about it revealing too much cleavage were unfounded. I think I am long between the top of my shoulders to the top of my boobs, but the tank barely shows a hint of cleavage on me. It is looser fitting through the middle but the Angel Blue version is made of the super thin luxtreme and definitely revealed all on me. It's a shame because I know that will be the coolest of the three colors I tried on. Both striped luxtremes seem a bit thicker and the patterns helps camouflage flaws. The straps are made of luxtreme and are very lightweight and stretchy and not at all supportive. The Angel blue version has heathered wee coal stripe fabric for the straps and neckline. It is also all solid Angle Blue, even the circle mesh panel in the back. I'll post a photo of it as soon as I find it. The armpits seemed to hit perfectly - not too high and not too low. It's a nice length, too, right at the bikini line.

I tried the Zoom tank on with several bras: a Flow Y, the new 50 Rep, an All Sport, and my own Champion Powerback racerback bra. The Flow Y was totally hidden by the tank. The 50 Rep Bra showed a bit in the
Champion Powerback
Lululemon 50 Rep Bra
Lululemon All Sport Bra
back and front. My Champion Power Back is nearly hidden in the back - the Zoom straps are the perfect width to hide them and if I position everything just right the bra straps do not show at all. The front shows a bit of the straps along the neckline of the tank. All in all, I am very happy with how the Champion looks because that is my favorite supportive bra. The All Sport bra showed a bit right above where the back straps cross and a bit in the front. I didn't think it looked awful but I'm glad my Champion looks better.

I think this tank is going to be popular and I am considering going back and getting another. I find lately that when I am getting dressed for the gym I am reaching for lightweight tanks that I wear with my own bra. I hope this isn't a one time release and hope to see this in more colors/prints. I also don't see why they couldn't make this tank out of luon light. Now that I have this tank, do I need to keep my Tri-Ys and Ujayyis? I like those tanks but am  not really a fan of the full weight luon, particularly in spin class, and the built in bra is not as supportive as I need.

Run: Zoom Singlet Product Features:
  • A lightweight and simple technical singlet, it's a no brainer
  • Luxtreme™ feels silky smooth on, and is light weight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Anti-stink circle mesh back panel for breathability
  • High percentage of LYCRA® fibre lets this top move with you & retain its shape
  • Inside access secure pocket to stash your key or gym pass(uh, not sure about this, you get to the pocket from the outside of the tank)
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • $52
 50 Rep Bra
Product Features:
  • Do 50 reps in this medium support bra perfect for the gym
  • Made with luon®, our signature fabric, is breathable with coverage, a cotton-like feel, and has 4 way stretch to provide support and allow freedom of movement
  • Wider bra elastic for greater comfort and support
  • Carved mesh racerback allows full range in movement and breathability
  • Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups
I liked the 50 Rep bra and thought it was pretty supportive. An educator told me it was supposed to be their second most supportive bra after the Ta Ta Tamer but I'm thinking she meant third because the All Sport is definitely more supportive with those thick elastic straps. I think it is a good alternative for those people who can't find enough support with a Flow Y. It's a nice looking bra and didn't smoosh my boobs down as much or create as much back fat as an All Sport. I did have to wrestle myself out of it but I was trying not to rip the hang tag off as I took it off. I think they need to beef up the straps - add some internal elastic or something - to make it as supportive as the All Sport. I can do jumping jacks in the All Sport but I bounced around a bit in the 50 Rep. The 50 Rep would definitely be good for moderate impact activities for bustier women. I would have no problems wearing this for spin or intervals on the elliptical.

Angel Blue Energy Short Sleeve (middle)
I tried on the Angel Blue Energy Short Sleeve and really liked it. The neck hit a lot higher on me than the girl in the photo and I did not have any cleavage exposure issues. The shirt fit on the looser side and was very comfortable. I prefer to workout in tanks but if you are looking for more coverage, consider this top.

Sun Salutation Tanks
I tried on the Sun Salutation tanks and liked them well enough. I think the straps are a little thin to give me really good support but the interior bra was pretty supportive and adjustable. The only version I liked on me (I tried on the Angel, Potion, and HCWE) was the heathered coal wee stripe (HCWE) because the black and white stripes are monochromatic with the coal. In the other versions, I felt the stripes made it look too sporty. It's a nice enough tank and if I spot it on the markdown rack, I might buy it. The tank is looser fitting through the middle and the light luon gives good coverage.

More Pics - Half Moon Tanks, Zoom Singlet, Seek the Peak Pants

Run: Zoom Singlet
The caption to this photo said she was wearing a Flow Y underneath. If so, I am in trouble. The Flow Ys show quite a bit of cleavage on me so if the Zoom Singlet falls an inch or so underneath it, it's not going to work for me. I'm going to bring my Champion Powerback bra to see how it looks underneath it but from this photo, I am thinking it will show in front. I'll give the new 50 rep bra a try, too. I really like the look of that bra but I'm not really into paying $100 for a new bra and tank since I've already spent enough this month. Note the cute two-tone coal and angel blue short sleeve run Swiftly tee behind her.

Now that I study more photos of this tank, this woman is showing a bit of cleavage, too. I can imagine how much she'd show bent over a spin bike or weight rack. Hmmmm.

Solid Colored Angel Blue Energy Short Sleeve

The pocket location on the Seek the Peak jacket seems to be ill-placed

50 Rep Bra - I am liking every photo I see of it.

Half Moon Tank with Seek the Peak Short.
Everyone is right, I have not seen an attractive photo of the Half Moon Tank. It seems to do nothing for each person modeling it.

 Seek the Peak pants - a great fit (for a change)

Seek the Peak pant - another great fit
I am getting lots of compliments on my Potion hat and Potion Define jacket. I love them both.