Friday, April 30, 2010

New Outfits in the New Spring Colors - Like Lululemon of Old

Spring Quilting Grooves - cute!

I'm more of a hot pink and purple person when it comes to my workout wear but these Savage green outfits are so cute they make me want to get them.

Angel Blue crops - Like!
 Entire Angel Blue Outfit - Coal w/Angel blue crops & coordinating Scoop & Define (also Potion Define)

More Coordinating Outfits - I love the swapped bags - someone has a great eye for composition

Newest Groove Crop Colors

Loose Hot Yogi Shorts
Matching Hoodies - I think I am going to have to get this Static and Savage Green hoodie. I love Static!

Totally Tote Tastic - Lime, Passion, Potion Purple, Angel Blue

The latest batch of Groove crops and shorts look like the Lululemon I know and love. I'm hoping some really cute tanks are following. I know the Power Ys are already in the stores but hoping for some more tank styles. (These girls did a great job of putting together coordinating outfits - way to sell your product!  If you want to see more, see the Oakville Facebook site)

New Power Y Colors

New Power Ys in Green Horizon stripe, Potion Purple, and Angel Blue with matching crops. Potion Purple makes me think of fall and I like Lolo Purple better on me. I am going to hold out for tanks Little Boy Blue which is similar to Ocean and Snorkel Blue.