Monday, April 19, 2010

Cute New Stuff - Flashback Skirt, Latin Dance Top & Pant, Do It All Short

Latin Dance Pant & Top in Dark Denim
Latin Dance Top in Raw Blue and Black
 The Latin Dance Pants look like Coal Denim or maybe blue denim

The Latin Dance pant are made of denim luon. They are a lot flashier than I would wear to the gym but I think they are fun. They are $108. I really like the Latin Dance top, though. It's made of luon light and is $52. I would like a short shrug like that but one that ties in the front. I'll have to look for this in the store.

Flashback Skirt - Totally Cute!
The new Flashback skirt is $48.

Flashback Shorts - $48

New Flashback Crops

Do It All Shorts
Finally, a short that isn't so short it exposes your lady parts! I like these shorts. They are $68 (rather steep).

Modern Racer Tanks - $42

Mynah Jacket in Black with Passion

White Run Like The Wind Pullover

Pics - Flashback Jacket & Mynah Jacket

I think this is my favorite color combo of the new Flashback jackets. I like the contrast stitching/tape near the zipper. I forgot to add in yesterday's post that I thought the Flashback jacket ran a little large. They didn't have a 12 for me to try on but the 10 fit pretty well - as snug as my size 12 Remix light when I first bought it.
The Black flashback is also cute.

Passion and Lavender flashbacks.

Mynah Jacket in Static Charcoal (STCH) luon. I think it's a pretty jacket but I don't know about getting a jacket in this fabric. My STCH Be Still pants have really pilled in the crotch area with light wear. I guess if you are only going to use this jacket for a to and fro to the gym it might be all right but it will pill under the arms.

Mynah jacket in lavender.

I also forgot to add in yesterday's post that the lavender and passion silverescent materials do a nice job of hiding the lines of silver running through the material. I'm not a fan of the silverescent colors where the lines are really visible, such as in the black and chirp. 

A minor rant - In the course of picking out a Run: Energy tank yesterday I made the comment to the educator that silverescent really shows sweat (more than any other Lululemon material) and she acted like I was talking gibberish and asked another educator if that was true. I find educators who don't know about the products and who obviously don't sweat in the products very irritating. Not all are like that but when I run across one it makes me distrust what all of them tell me about new products.