Saturday, April 17, 2010

Got My Flashback Crops Today

I got my Flashback crops today. I like them, especially for $29. They are comfy, not as soft as the Feel Good pants, but very comfy. I wonder if the Feel Goods are "brushed" on the inside because the Flashbacks feel a little thinner even though I think they are the same material. I think they look is a little less casual than the Feel Good Pants. I might actually wear these to run errands or watch my kid's baseball games. The pockets are a bit odd. They feel like they sit very low on my leg and I can feel the pocket material rubbing against my thigh on the inside. Oh yeah, the Lululemon logo is not embroidered - just stamped on. I think that is kind of cheesy for pants that were originally $68. I thought all the french terry stuff had embroidered logos. Other than that, though, I really like them. I hope the Namaste pants go on markdown for $29 so I can try them out, too. I'll have to check my stores to see if they have them on the markdown rack.