Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Real Life Pics - Run: Like the Wind Vest, Pep Tank, Push Ur Limits Tank

Run: Like the Wind Vest - Still not liking it (at full price, anyway)

Pep Tank in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

I kind of like this version of the pep tank. They didn't have my size to try on yesterday.

Push UR Limits in Bubbilicious & Coal - now arriving in stores

Photo - Push UR Limits on a Bustier Woman

Not that I'm a pervert, but as a larger chested woman it's sometimes hard to tell how a tank will look on you when it's modeled by less endowed girls. This photo gives a good idea of how much cleavage you will show in the Push UR Limits if you are on the chestier side. Of course this woman has a great figure, but the Push UR Limits looks really nice on her.

I wore my new Push to spin and lift weights today and I've got to say I really, really like this top. It's supportive and comfortable. If it had an ipod pocket, it'd be tied with the Athletic Deep V as my number one favorite. I hope Lululemon keeps making these. I will definitely get more if I like the colors it comes in.

New Jackets - Mynah & Flashback, New Modern Racer Print

Flashback Jacket
The Flashback is made of French Terry and comes in Passion, black, gray, lavender, and lime. If I find more photos I'll post them because I am curious as to what the back looks like. Someone posted that this is only going to be sold through "strategic sales partners". However, a lot of these places will ship to you.

Mynah Jacket
Based on the vibrancy of the colors, I'd guess this jacket is made of luon or luxtreme. I'll post more details as I get them. I am not liking the passion and black - it looks like the coloring of some sort of poisonous spider.

 New Modern Racer Tank
How likely do you think it is that these stripes will show up in technical tanks? Hmmm.

Photos of Remix Lulu Light & Free 2 Be Jacket

Remix Lulu Light Hoodie
The Remix Lulu Light Hoodie looks a lot like the regular remix except it's more form fitting.

Free 2 Be Jacket
The differences between the Free 2 Be jacket and the Remix Lulu Light are:
  • Fit - The Free 2Be is looser through the body and arms
  • Hood - The hood is large and very loose fitting. If you put it up, you will look a little like Obi Wan Kenobi.
  • Thumbholes - The Remix light has no thumbholes
  • The lululemon "Ω" symbol in front - the Remix Light has the Ω as part of the design in the front.