Friday, April 9, 2010

Run: Zoom Bike Short

  • High-performance padded cycle short for indoor use
  • Power luxtreme™ for muscle support & wicking during high-sweat workouts
  • High back rise for coverage while bent forward
  • Lightweight quick-dry chamois for padded comfort
  • Hem gripper elastic prevents short from riding up, or flip it up when you don't need it
  • Zipper pocket for cards, keys or spin pass!
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
Interesting.  When is Lululemon going to start listing the inseam on their shorts? Doesn't every other clothing site do this?

Does Your Circle Mesh Stink?

This all may fall under TMI, but I am wondering if any of you have noticed that your garments that use Circle Mesh under the armpits seem to retain body odor more than other Lululemon fabrics. It could be just me and my personal body chemistry but of all the fabrics Lululemon uses I find the Circle Mesh seems to really retain body odor and require washing after every wearing no matter how little I sweat wearing it. This is especially true in my long sleeve running luon tops like the Hills and Energy Pullovers. I like the breathable and tactile properties of Circle Mesh but it certainly isn't anti-stink for me. I am curious about your experiences with it.

Pics - Run: Like the Wind Singlet (blech), Get it Started Jacket (yuck!), Cool Racerback Stripe, Elevate Pant, New Bag, & Misc.

 This color combination/blocking is hideous and looks like something Nike would make. The color blocking makes her shoulders/chest look narrow and her hips wide - just what I want all my tanks to do.

I was away skiing in Utah this past week but it looks like I didn't miss too much in this week's upload or new items in the stores. The Run: Like Wind Singlet doesn't look very flattering in the above photos. I can't imagine how the overlay top will look on a busty woman. The Lavender/Lime combo is particularly gross and very Nike-ish.

The Cool Racerback stripes are kind of cute but not ground-breaking. However, the limited color options will keep me from buying one. I don't like solid white tanks because of armpit yellowing, stain, and see-through issues.
Get It Started Jacket
I don't care for the Get It Started Jacket at all. It is way too boxy and does nothing for this woman. It's also too short. The ribbed portion at the bottom is another of those 80s looks I'd rather stayed in the 80s.
The Bubbilicious Scoop Neck tank is totally cute. I might have to get one.
What is this bag? I have something like 500 new emails in my inbox so I don't know if it's in one of my product alerts. It's reversible and I really like it although the black side out looks a little like a garden tote with those pockets. I like the orange side best.
 I liked the photo of the Elevate pant when I saw it in the Product Alert but I don't care for it in the photos I've seen. The material doesn't look like it drapes well.

New Run Zoom Shorts (on right in last photo) - these look intriguing. They are made of power luxtreme. The Zoom crops go up to a 10 so I doubt the shorts come in any larger sizes.