Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here I Am Crop - On the Mardown Rack so I Bought a Couple of Pairs

Hot Yogi Tank
I went to my local store looking to try on the Hot Yogi Tank. They hadn't received it yet but I hope they will get it later this week. Update - So I see the store I went to yesterday posted on Facebook they have the Hot Yogi tank as of 10:30 this morning. I certainly hope they got a shipment in first thing this morning because I asked two people yesterday if they had it and showed them this photo and they said no. Grrrr. I spent $150 on two pairs of markdown crops yesterday so I'm not running back down there. Annoying!!!

I also wanted to get a pair of Coal crops to go with my new Bubbilicious and Coal Push UR Limits tank. My store was out of the new Coal and Bubbilicous Astro and Groove crops in my size. But, to be honest, the thought of wearing full weight luon for spin class in warm weather isn't very appealing. My current favorite crops for spinning are my Hills crops which have a luxtreme front and luon back and my Passion crops which are all power luxtreme. I looked around the store for some Empower Crops which I know a lot of people like but they only had Coal and Lagoon. My store also had some old Boogie crops in Gravel which is a very close match to Coal. But I didn't want to buy three (four?) year old crops at full price.  I ended up getting a pair of the Here I Am Crops in Coal which were on the markdown rack for $69 from $86.
Here I Am Crop

One of the reasons I liked them is that they are made of light luon. They felt very airy and comfortable on. Although they don't look that great on the website and in the Facebook photos I've seen of them, I thought they looked cute on me. I wore them like in the photo above, with the leg pulled all the way down. If they don't work out for the gym, I know I am going to wear them for everyday wear. The bottom cuff and waistband are made of power luxtreme and are very comfortable. I think the light luon drapes a lot nicer than the organic version, the Namaste pant. Maybe I was in a mood to buy loose, comfy pants I dunno. I also got a pair in black. If you're in the market for loose, comfy, breathable crops, you might want to check out the Here I Am crop. I'm sure these will show up on the Loot section soon. My store seemed to have the full size complement in both colors on the markdown rack.

Update:  I wore the new crops to spin and lift weights. For baggy crops they stayed in place well and they did not bunch up in my crotch. I think the big cuff at the bottom helped keep them in place and the lighter luon probably falls back into place easier than regular luon. I found them very comfortable for workouts.

I also tried on the Here I Am pant which was marked down even more than the crops. The pant just does not work for me. It has the 35" (at least!) inseam which is so long it bags at the bottom so you don't even see the cuff. They looked like harem pants on.

Here I Am Crop Product Features:

  • Warm up in this loose, mid rise yoga crop
  • Made with 4-way stretch luon® light, is lightweight and breathable
  • Power luxtreme® rib waistband provides support with out digging into you
  • Stretch drawcord waistband adds extra stability
  • Rib cuffs keep your crop in place while exercising
  • Large pockets to store $ & keys
  • The perfect crop for hatha and yin class