Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photos of Pulse Wraps, Coal Define, Astro Pants & All Sport Bras in Pastels

Pulse Wrap Heathered Plum
This photo gives a good idea of how a Pulse Wrap will look on you if you aren't totally skinny. It's kind of bulky, almost like a bathrobe. I think it's a comfortable jacket and I own one but I just want you to be aware. I think it looks best with the ties tied in back and the jacket left hanging open.
Heathered Boulder - Nice!

Heathered Champagne - Probably my favorite!

Define Jacket in Coal/Wee Stripe - Cute!

All Sport Bras in Tang Light, Passion, Lavender, and Static Charcoal

Astro Pants in Passion/Coal, Bubbilcious/Black, & Static Charcoal

Funny Review on Pick Me Up Bra

There is a very cute review on the Pick Me Up Bra on Lululemon's website. Of course it is about how it has no coverage in the front:

I just tried on my NEW "Pick me UP bra"!
I LOVE the
*organic cotton
*bright pink color
*frills on front and back- very feminine
*the style of the back
*good support.... IF my "girls" could FIT in the bra
It's TOO BAD there is
*NOT enough COVERAGE up front
*I pull UP bra...but then my bottom half of boobies show
*I pull DOWN- there is cleavage pouring out- overflowing- with my "peeps" showing !!!!!!!!!
I ordered the size 10 which is generally a perfect fit from Lululemon for me. So if you could PLEASE 
This top is more like 'nipply covers' rather than an actually sports bra....great if you are small chested- size A or shorter/petite. Not good for my 5'9" frame.
Sorry, but the only thing this "pick me up bra" is going to do is 'pick me up every hormonal male at the gym'- ...hence why I can't send you pics...may be X-rated.
I'm all about sexy- but not declassified ....and this bra is just wrong on my tall, chesty
Please add MORE material (only an inch or two in coverage in the front would be perfect!)
This bra would be better if it had regular coverage like your other bra tops!

New Stuff in Loot - Flashback Pant, Pranotthana Crops (Already!), Here I Am Pant

Pranotthan Crops - All Colors - Now $49 from $86

Here I  Am Pant - $49/$59 from $98

Flashback Pant - $49 from $98

I disliked all these pants so even now that they are around half price I'm still not going to bite. Didn't the Pranotthanas just hit the stores last week?  I'm sure we'll be seeing the Namaste pants soon, too. I hope some good stuff hits loot soon. It's nearly time for them to clear out the winter stuff for summer, isn't it?