Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photo - Around Town Totes on People - It's Big!

The Around Town Tote is much larger than it looked in the website photo. It looks to be a similar size to the Lucky Tote.

OT - Zohba

Zohba Classic Racerback Tank
I finally took the plunge and ordered a top from Zohba. This particular tank was on clearance for $24 but I figure I can always sell it if I hate it.  I'm curious to feel the material this is made of since people say it's a lot like light luon.  I'll let you know more details as to the construction, material, fit, etc. when it gets here.

Photos - Beat the Heat Dress, Manifesto Racerback

Beat the Heat Dress - Back again for this summer

Manifesto Racerback

Photos - New Colors - Around Town Tote, Inner Strength Tank, Swift Tank

Around Town Tote - Black, Print, Senorita Pink
Inner Strength Tank - Sidewalk and Tang Light
Why not do a monochromatic version like Sidewalk and Coal or Sidewalk and Black or Sidewalk and Whisper? I not a big fan of the bright accents.
Swift - Tang Light with Sidewalk
Swift in Splatter Stripe Print