Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inner Strength Tank - Try On Review - It's OK & Splatter Stripe Swift Tank

 I tried on the Inner Strength Tank. It's an ok tank but it didn't set me on fire. My boobs kind of overwhelmed the support of the luon straps so I would prefer to wear a Cool Racerback with my own bra. The cut is nice enough - the tank has luon straps and a light luon body. It has a built-in bra with adjustable hooks like the All Out tank. The hooks are located by the side seams. I didn't feel them at all. I thought the tank ran true to size.

 I also tried on the Swift Tank in the Splatter Stripe print. I don't like the Swift on me (my boobs totally spills out the side like I am growing them from my armpits) but I wanted to get an idea how the Splatter Stripe might look if they came out with a Deep V version. I decided I probably wouldn't get a Deep V in this print. The black lines are just too overwhelming.  I am hoping some other cute new stuff comes out this week.

Sheer Delight - Review

I bought the above two Sheer Delight Tunics. As of right now, I am keeping the white one. Whether it's a keeper depends on what new goodies are uploaded this week. I returned the Sidewalk/Lagoon just because I can pair the white with more bras and might be able to use it as street wear in the summer but I did like the lagoon color combo. Like the customer reviews on the website state, the top runs about two sizes two big. It comes down to my mid thigh but I plan to wear it cinched at the hip and baggy at the waist. The luon sheer jersey is super soft and feels like a light version of the running luon. This material could be awesome pajama material.  The seaming across the bust hit me just like the model. The straps are super long and I would love to have them shortened an inch. It would be awesome if they made them adjustable.  The white Sheer Delight is kind of see through. I think this top might make an interesting bathing suit/beach cover up.  I plan to wear it with a Flow Y or other similar bra. It didn't look that great with my Deep Vs. I think this tank would be great for a hot yoga class or workouts on hot summer days.

Sheer Delight Tunic Product Info:

  • The perfect throw on and go tunic to pair with your wunder unders
  • Wicking & quick dry swift fabric with 2-way stretch for total mobility
  • Made out of luon sheer jersey which is light weight, breathable & wickingr
  • Scooped out front and back for optimum ventilation during class
  • Cinch the hem drawcord so it doesn't flip up during inversions
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • $58 
Here are a couple of real people photos:
This pregnant women is layering the Sheer Delight over a Cool Racerback which I think defeats the purpose of wearing such a featherweight tank. I love the light/dark gray color combo. This version never made it on-line. She is also wearing the tank lower than the model because the horizontal accent stripe hits her below her breasts.
Sheer Delight paired with a Flow Y, I think. When I tried mine on, I don't have so much of the Flow Y showing.

Exhale Jacket - Review

My Exhale Jacket came today. There were things that I liked about it but I ended up returning it to a store this afternoon.  It's not easy to tell from the description and the photos but the jacket is made of two layers. The underlayer is basically a mesh vest which attaches to the ~4-5" of ribbed material that goes along bottom. This photo is the key to visualizing it:
The french terry jacket sits on top of it and is elasticized at the bottom so it meets up perfectly with the top of the ribbed section as can be seen in this photo:
The only place the outer french terry part is attached to the ribbed part is at the front zipper and at the front pockets. The pocket insides are mesh. The back part of the jacket is not attached at all. However, when I bent over the mesh part was not revealed at all.

That part of the jacket was ok and seemed a clever design to help keep you cool when wearing it.  The arms were roomy and the length hit the top of my hip bones. The reason I returned it was that the hood was just too big. I could fuss with it and get it to sit like it does in the website photo but in the real world I'm going to be walking and wearing this jacket in the wind and I just couldn't see the hood behaving for me.  It also looked massively stupid when up - like the Emperor from Star Wars.  If the jacket were about $30 less I might have kept it for being unique looking but for $118 I need to love it. I decided I much rather get more Remix Lulu Light jackets instead.

Real Life Photos - Splatter Print Swift, I Just Wanna Run, Run for Fun, Devi Crop

Swift Tank in Splatter Print, Inner Strength Tank, Exhale Jacket

OK, the splatter print looks cute in the Swift Tank with the stripes turned vertical on the bottom. If they come out with a Deep V like I would get it in a second.

Run For Fun Tech Sized Way Down (probably two sizes)
I Just Wanna Run Sized Way Down (probably two sizes)

Swiftly Tech
This is how it fits me - too narrow in the chest / straps too long.  I wish they'd make the proportions more like the Cool Racerback.

Devi Crop