Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Real Life - Devi Jacket, Run For Fun

Devi Jacket and Pant - Someone labeled this the Hazmat Suit on FB

Black Devi Jacket

Chirp Devi Jacket

Run For Fun Tank

More Run for Fun

Spring/Summer 2010 Palette, Real Life Photos of Run: For Fun Tech Tank, Devi Jacket, and Pants

Spring / Summer 2010 Color Palette

Lots fewer colors and nothing really to coordinate together except for Whisper, Soot, and Sidewalk. Here is last spring's palette for contrast:
Spring 2009 Palette
Last spring you could buy two tops in Aruba and Caribe, a jacket in Seaspray, and pants in Gulf. You didn't have to wear a single color head to toe but you would still be color coordinated. There was a similar pink palette consisting of Kiss, Persimmon, Paradise, and Pretty Pink. Sometimes multiple colors would show up in one garment that led to you buying more items that you could coordinate with it:


Items that contain more than one color (black edging DOES NOT count!) encourage people to build a wardrobe around that item. What can I do with a solid Chirp top? Buy different tanks in Chirp? Buy a Chirp Jacket? Pair a Lagoon jacket with it? I guess I could wear a Tang Light jacket and then look like a fruit cocktail. Why not add another yellow adjacent on the color wheel? Oh yeah, I guess you could make a lazy Space Dye to tie it all togheter. Yawn. 

I'm just not happy with how Lululemon is cheaping out on their designs with regards to offering limited colors and prints. Last year they probably went overboard with offering coordinating items because a lot of the above went on clearance but I think they have over corrected this year. This spring has only four main colors: Senorita Pink, Tang Light, Lagoon, and Chirp. There is a new tank I might be interested in getting - the Inner Strength Tank. However, I don't really care for Chirp or Tang light with my skin tone and I already have tanks in Senorita Pink and Lagoon. I like those colors well enough but not so much that I want multiple tanks in them. So, what am I going to get? Most likely nothing. Why make so many tops in the same four colors? Who is in charge of the design team? I would almost guess a man because I don't think women build a wardrobe around such a limited number of colors the way men do. If you want to get people to buy your stuff you have to give them variety.

Run: For Fun Tech - Chirp - Meh

Devi Jacket and Pant

Devi Jacket
Feedback on Lululemon's Facebook site report that the Devi Jacket is short. These photos illustrate that. The Devi Pants look cute. I think they are arriving in my local stores now. I'll let you know when I try them on.
Define Jackets in Chirp and Lagoon