Friday, February 26, 2010

Real Life Photo - Lagoon Run Energy Pullover

Real Life Pics - Clarity Vest, Sway Jacket, I Just Wanna Run, Dance Studio Pants + Cute Dresses & Hockey

I Just Wanna Run SL Tech
I think it would look much cuter on this girl one size down. Too bad they didn't think to demo it that way. This tank is selling out faster in the US than in the Candian site. I think it's a super cute, unique top (even if it looks boxy on this girl) and kudos to the designer. This tank works well for bustier, curvier ladies (and people with poochy midsections  ;-)  ).

Sway Jackets
 I like the lightest (pic #4) and darkest Sway (pic #1 on left) jackets the best. Who the heck approved the version with the pink stripes on the shoulders (pics #2 & 3)? Honestly, the striped version is something that I would expect see at Walmart - just awful.

Clarity Vest - I just can't like it, especially at $98

Dance Studio Pant
Every photo of Dance Studio pants I see look super tight - split my butt in half tight - in the @ss, even on tiny women. Is that the design of the pant? They are cute enough pants, I just wanted to say the design seems to run super snug in the rear.

Since several people commented they were majorly underwhelmed by Lululemon's Two in One Dress, I went looking for cute summer dresses from some of their competitors. It wasn't hard to find cuter dresses for similar prices. Although their technical wear is top of the field, Lululemon really needs to up their game in the apres department. Plopping your logo on your nice fabric on dull or weird designs isn't going to cut it.
Hardtail Forever
Green Dragon

I know it's Off Topic but I really hope the US beats Canada in the men's hockey game on Sunday - Go USA!