Monday, February 22, 2010

New Stuff from Saskatoon FB Page

Run: Sneak a Peak Short
I like the length of the under-shorts but the over shorts look too short. I would think you'd only want a couple of inches to show of the under-short like in the Men's Hooker short.
Hooker Short

March Plaid
This plaid is pretty. Do you think the blue color is Lagoon or a new blue? I'm hoping there is a blue in our future because I'm not that big a fan of the Lagoon on me.

Latest Trip to Lululemon Store - Lots of new running stuff & Tang Light is neon

I Just Wanna Run SL
If you scroll down you'll see the new tops I tried on - the I Just Wanna Run SL, the Run: For Fun Tech SS, and the Run: 1st 5 Minutes Pullover. I also saw the new Energy Pullover in Tang Light - ugh! There are also new Sunrise tanks coming in Tang Light and Lagoon.

My coments:

- Tang Light is a neon orange. It could also be called Highlighter Orange. It's just like Faded Zap all over again - it looks a lot more muted on the Lululemon website than in real life so be aware when you order. I'm going to sit out Tang Light and hope some tops come in Keen Peach and Groovy Melon which are bright but not neon. Oh yeah, Tang Light in the Swiftly knit fabric is bright but slightly muted so that is the only fabric I would get it in.

- The new Energy Pullover in Tang Light is just like the white version - it has the gray stripes in the arms and neck again. It is super bright. If you are concerned about visibility for night running this top is for you.
Energy Pullover
I tried on the Clarity Vest - it's super, I'm not wearing anything light, just like the new 1st 5 Minutes pullover. It's so light I don't understand why you'd wear it. It adds no warmth and may cut the wind slightly.
 Run: Team Spirit LS

 My store also got the Run: Team Spirit LS top in that sold out on-line in hours. If you missed it on-line, the stores have it now.

Run: 1st 5 Minutes Pullover - Cute but Pricey!

Run: 1st 5 Minutes Pullover
I thought the Run: 1st 5 Minutes Pullover was a very normal looking and cute windbreaker but kind of on the pricey side at $99. It is whisper light and almost feels like you are wearing nothing. It is not lined. It has circle mesh panels down the sides (3rd photo) and slight gathering on the sleeves which is a nice design detail. The photo is of the Lagoon. I also saw it in a white.

Product Details:
1 - Technical lightweight pullover that stuffs into a built-in pocket!
2 - Fits into small pockets, purses, or tightly packed suitcases!
3 - Made of water-resistant and wind-resistant stretch ripstop
4 - Anti-stink mesh side panels for breathability
5 - Thumbholes to prevent sleeves from riding up
6 - Secure zipper pocket to stash your cards, keys and sport snacks
7 - Emergency hair tie for mid-run crisis!
8 - $99 (!!!)

New Running Top - Run: For Fun Tech SS

Run: For Fun Tech SS
An ok - not exciting, not hideous - running tank make of silverescent. It runs very large. I tried on the 8 (in the photo!) because they didn't have my normal 12 out and it was still loose in the waist area.

Product Information:
1 - Tech top for running or the gym
2 - Lightweight and breathable silverescent has anti-stink and anti-static properties
3 - Extra low armholes for ease of movement
4 - Cinchable drawcord for a customized fit
5 - Pocket for cards or keys
6 - Flat seamed for chafe resistance and comfort
7 - $58

Update - So, Pilatesmom commented "blech" on this design and I have to agree. Last spring we had these cute tech shirts:
Focus Tech
Gather Tech
Track Tech
All of the above are much more figure flattering and feminine than the For Fun Tech. The For Fun Tech is just the latest in the group that I like to call the Waistless Wonders Lululemon has put out for the past six months or so:
Sunrise Tank

Persistance Tank
Inspire Tank
For Fun (Size 8)
I think Lululemon has designed these for their larger breasted customers but they could nip the waists in a bit.

I Just Wanna Run Tech SL - New in Stores

I Just Wanna Run Tech SL - Tang Light
Probably the top I liked best of the two new ones I tried on. It is long, loose fitting and dips very low in the back. Quite a bit of the bra you wear underneath will show in the back. You might even want to size down. I have to say I'm not a fan of Tang Light which should be renamed Highlighter Orange. This top also comes in black and Lagoon Silverescent. The gathered seaming in the front is a nice design detail and looks better in person.

This top is sticking in my mind so I might go back and try it on and the next size down when I'm not in such a hurry. The girl had to dig it out of box for me to try on and I think she said it also comes in Chirp. I know it comes in black and I believe Lagoon, too.

For those of you who are looking for a lightweight, breathable top for running or sweat workouts like spin, silverescent is very nice. It's almost as light as the Swift tech knit fabric but not nearly as fragile.  This top fits very loose through the mid-section and would be very breathable. It's one of those longer tops that has a drawstring at the bottom to cinch it up.

Product Features:

1 - Barely there tech top for those who just wanna run!
2 - Lightweight and breathable silverescent has anti-stink and anti-static properties
3 - Loose comfortable fit, great for layering
4 - Cinchable drawcord for customizable fit
5 - Secret Stash pocket for card or keys
6 - Flat seemed for chafe resistance and comfort
7 - $52

New Stuff - Sway Jacket Photos + Run: For Fun Tech & I Just Want to Run Tech

Sway Jacket
Photo of the new Sway Jacket. This will be a pass for me. It's cute from the back but I don't like the cowl neck in front and the side zipper up the front.

My local Lululemon sent a message that they got a couple of new tops in - the Run: For Fun Tech and the I Just Want to Run Tech.  They also said they got new Energy Pullovers and something called the 1st 5 minute pullover. I might take a trip today to see what these are and maybe take some photos.