Friday, February 12, 2010

Sattvic Bra - Best $5 I Ever Spent

Sattvic Bra
Did any of you get one of the $5 Sattvic bras that were in Loot? I bought a couple, one during each time they showed up in Loot. I love them, maybe even more than my Flow Ys. I layered it under my All Out Tank the other day for spin class. The All Out is a nice tank for low impact hot workouts but because it's so low cut I become distracted with the amount of cleavage I'm showing.  The Sattvic didn't actually add any more coverage in the front but it held the girls in place so I felt more secure and stopped thinking about my chest. The strap in the back definitely showed beneath the back of the All Out but I didn't care. I've tried layering a Flow Y under the All Out but the bottom elastic band is a lot more bulky than the Sattvic and the tank doesn't fit right. The Sattvic is seamless and the bottom of  is a just a continuation of the the bra so it fits under tanks with built in bras a lot more comfortably than Flow Ys. Another great thing about the Sattvic is that is has adjustable straps. It's made of bamboo and I found it very comfortable and cool to wear in spin. Now that I've test drove one while working out, I'd be willing to pay full price for its successor.

Sattvic Product Details:
- Low support reversible bra
- Don't ask us...ask your girls!
- Well-managed bamboo is a sustainable resource and is typically grown without chemicals
- Naturally breathable
- Seam free technology

New Stuff Coming - Devi Pants and Crops - Like!

New Devi Pants

Dance Studio Pants
Devi Crop

Although some people on Lululemon's Facebook site are poo poo-ing the new Devi pants and crops as more schlumpy sweatpants like the new Namaste pants, the Devis aren't the same animal at all. They are made of the lightweight, stretchy breathable Swift fabric. Swift fabric is going to fall a lot differently on the body than heavy, thick, bulky french terry. The Devi pant/crops are very similar to the Dance Studio pants/crops, shown in the middle photo, except they aren't as fussy. I really like the more streamlined look of the Devi pant compared to the Dance Studio pant. I have a pair of Lucy pants that are similar to the Lululemon swift material pants. They are called the Spa Pant and made of a similar lightweight stretchy fabric.
Lucy Spa Pant

Lululemon pants made from Swift fabric are fantastic lightweight stretchy pants that are awesome for the warmer weather when full length luon and frech terry pants feel too hot (so are the Lucy Spa pant). I've tried on the Dance Studio pant and liked the material but not the design up the back of the leg. I can't wait to try on the Devi pant.  Although I don't like the stock photo, I think the crops would look very cute in solid black.

Devi Pants Product Information:
  • Everyday, mid rise pant for warm up, gym or to and from
  • Wicking & quick dry swift fabric with 2-way stretch for total mobility
  • Adjustable drawcord waistband keeps your pant in place while exercising
  • Wear the waistband as is for a higher rise or rolldown for a lower rise
  • Zipper pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Cinch the hem drawcord for adjustability
Dance Studio Pants Product Information:
  • Loose fitting pant for to & from the studio or your hip hop class
  • Made with swift which is wicking, quick drying, light weight and breathable
  • Comfortable elastic waistband with stretch drawcord keeps pant secure & easy to slip on & off
  • Stretch drawcord in hem allows for pant adjustability without digging into leg muscles
  • Front pocket to stash what you need
Devi Crop Product Information:
  • Everyday, mid rise crop for warm up, gym, or to and from
  • Wicking & quick dry swift fabric with 2-way stretch for total mobility
  • Adjustable drawcord waistband keeps your crop in place while exercising
  • Wear the waistband as is for a higher rise or rolldown for a lower rise
  • Zipper pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Soft, luon cuff keeps crop in place
  • Wear with the devi jacket as the ultimate warm up outfit
Store Trip Report: I went to the Lululemon store today. I didn't try anything on and I didn't buy anything. It was a very quick trip since I had all three boys with me and they were acting like monkeys escaped from a zoo. I saw the Dance Sweatpants and they are very sedate looking sweatpants - a nice, simple design. If you are in the market for expensive comfy sweats you might try those. They looked bulkier than the Feel Good pants but that could be because of the pocket. For the commenter who wonder if the pockets might bulge out - I did find a photo that confirmed your suspicions. My store still had lots of marked down Feel Good sweats left so I don't think the sweatpant market is there, at least not in Newport Beach, CA. They also had lots of full price Wear With All pants.
I saw the God awful Too Cool Tunic. You will die at the price, make sure you swallow your soda....

it's...wait for it...$98!!! Outrageous for a design I'd expect to see at Walmart or Sears. It also comes in black.

I also saw the  Go With The Flow Tank. It's as blah in person as the photos and the straps are a different material than the body. They are also quilted. It's a rather, to me, old fart design detail.

Slightly Off Topic - Social Networking is for 20 Year Olds and More Bagging on Lululemon's Website


Commenter Jilly (and suspected Lululemon employee) left such juicy comment bait that I have to briefly rebut. She tells us that the reason we see only very young faces on Lululemon's website and facebook pages is:

"The reason so many "20 year olds" are running the websites and facebook sites is because they have grown up in the social networking world. The newer generations for the most part are going to be more interested in facebook and the internet because they have grown up in it."

Three seconds of googling led me to these interesting facts about social networking and Facebook's userbase in particular, from a seven month old article -

"Facebook, simply put, is not a young site anymore. Most of the users (20.3 million, or 28.2% overall) on the site belong to the 35 – 54 age group. Compare that to the age group that was once Facebook’s bread and butter – the 18 – 24 group – which is now in third place with 18 million (25.1%) users, behind the 25 – 34 year old group, which makes for 25.2% of Facebook’s user base with 18.1 million users. The number of users aged 55 and over has grown from negligible 950,000 to 5.9 million in mere six months."

If Lululemon would poll the ages of the posters on their Facebook site, I think they would find the majority of women are in their late 20s through 30s and not a few in their 40s.  At least that's what I'd guess based on the profile photos of themselves (and their children - hint!).

I have to agree with another comment on the same thread, I really don't care for the Lululemon blog that much. Like the anonymous commenter mentioned, it's the same people pictured and it's often pretty dull. What I greatly enjoy reading about is the Ambassadors.  They are not super young but they are awesomely fit. I love reading what led them to become fitness professionals and find their stories very interesting. They should put the ambassador stories on the home page and can the blogs.

Oh yes, while I'm bashing the site, I think Lululemon should move the Fit Guru Review feedback  out of the feeback section. I find reading other's feeback the feeback valuable, but I treat the Lululemon feedback as a "plant" to rah-rah up whatever item is on sale and find it inauthentic. I much prefer to read how real people who paid full price for an item like and use their clothing. Lululemon clothing often receives positive reviews so I there is no need for them pad the feedback rating.  The Fit Guru photos can be useful so they should be featured separately from the feedback section.

I visited the store today and have some comments which I will make into a separate post.