Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Favorite Lululemon Purchases From the Past Six Months

I'm getting depressed with all the disappointing designs Lululemon has been releasing lately so I'm going to think about the good things I have bought in the past few months in the hopes that pretty and functional clothes will soon be on their way to us.

Run: Energy Pullover
I love, Love, LOVE my Run: Energy Pullover. I wear it at least once a week. I hope they make more because I'd love one in Sidewalk or Silver.
Gather Together Jacket
The Gather Together replaced my Shape Jacket as my to and from the gym jacket. I love the big pockets that I can drop my sunglasses and keys into. I love the hood that I can put up when it's sprinkling out. I love the longer length that covers my girly bits when I run errands after the gym. I love that it's made of luon so when I put it on after spin class it wicks the sweat off me so I don't feel hot and sticky the way I would in a cotton jacket.
Wear With All Jacket
I also love my Wear With All Jacket. It is my favorite to wear while running errands. I love the longer length and the big ribbed part at the bottom that makes it so unique. I hope this makes a return soon.
Cool Racerback
I'm going to have to add Cool Racerbacks into my recent favorites.  They've been out awhile but I just started wearing them a few months ago. Light luon is the best thing for hot workouts and is awesome for spin. I have six Cool Racerbacks and counting. I have a Run Swiftly Tech racerback on order so I'll have to see how it stacks up against the Cool Racerback.
Flight Running Bonnet
I'm outside a lot either working outside at my kid's school or watching my kid's sporting practices. I love that this hat covers so much of my hair and has a nice long brim. I like that it has a slight "street style" to it.

Featherlight Socks 
I'm loving my new Featherlight Socks. My spin shoes are on the snug side so I have to buy very thin socks. The featherlights are very comfortable and work perfect for spin.

As far as colors go, my recent favorites have been Majestic, Static, and Static Charcoal.

Run: Sprit Pullover
I left out the Run: Spirit Pullover out of my list because I didn't buy one but I really wanted to. I would have if I didn't live in Southern California. It was just a gorgeous piece of athletic wear. My Oregon-based sister bought one when she visited and then she asked me to pick her up another one because she liked it so much.

OMG, OMG, I Can Not Resist Mocking This...

Too Cool Tunic - God Effing Awful!!!

Ok, at this point I am going to have to have a contest for worst new Lululemon design. It's getting to be a joke. Honestly, is Lululemon using college kids for their designers? Is this student work? Wherever they are getting these people it's not even from a good design school. I sense they are a cheap company (to work for) anyway, because God knows you never see anyone over the age of 30 in any of their online photos so either the more experienced Lululemon workers are camera shy or they've axed them all in favor of cheaper, younger workers. I don't even care for the front of this top. I don't like handkerchief bottoms. I hate the horse collar neckline.  The back is a joke. Have they been watching MTV Jersey Shore or something? Guido tees were big when I lived there back in the 80s and 90s.

Go With the Flow Tank Organic
The Go With the Flow Tank is different. I don't think it's hideous but I don't care for it much from the photos I've seen. The back is certainly a surprise. It looks like the bottom is banded which means the stomach will poof out. I'd have to try this on but I'd say from these photos I probably won't like it on me. It's a little too shapeless in the middle.

Clam Digger 2
It looks like the Clam Digger 2s are also available in black - yay! I love my Clam Digger crops. They're snug in the bum but loose in the leg and a great knee length. I suggest you try them if you don't already have a pair.
Namaste Pant Bold Blue
Not totally bad looking from these photos but I'd like to see the rear view. They are pretty baggy in the crotch and looks like they give you that polterwang (google it) effect. I already have two pairs of Feel Good pants so I don't need anymore casual sweat pants.

Flashback Pullover Now on the Website

Wow, the Flashback pullovers are going fast on the website. I'll have to see how they move in the stores near me. They may not have put that many on the website to start with.

New Still Crops - Ugh!

Still Crops

Be Still Crops

I am not a fan of the Still Crops compared to the Be Still Crops. I think the model should have sized down one size.

Dance Sweat Pant II - Uploaded to Canadian Side of Website

 Dance Sweat Pant II
The Dance Sweat Pant IIs have been uploaded to the Canadian side of the website. Maybe they'll be on the US side soon, too. They are $74.  The look a lot like the Lulu Pant II except for the pocket.
Lulu Pant 2

Lululemon in Real Life - Photos of Dance Sweat Pant II and Scoop Neck Splatter Print

Grenadine Hoodie
Grenadine looks really pretty. I hope they come out with some tanks in this color. I would love a Cool Racerback or Remix Lulu Light Hoodie in Grenadine.
Scoop Neck Splatter Print in Real Life - Very Eye Catching!
Clam Digger in Static Charcoal Luon
Dance Sweat Pant II
This outfit looks very comfy. I like how the Dance Sweat Pant II looks here from the front. Of the latest sweatpants these are the ones I like the best.