Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pick Me Up Bra - Nip Slip Waiting to Happen

Pick Me Up Bra
My Product Alerts are bringing me more and more juicy items for me to mock today. Is this photo taken at a bad angle or is the bra really short? Because it almost looks like this bra goes under my boobs and not over them. I can tell from this photo there is no way this works for anyone over an A cup, maybe not even then. It looks really low cut. Talk about Nip Slips.

However, my email did have one good piece of news, the All Sport bra is now in the stores in Lagoon and Tang Light.

All Sport

Pick Me Up Bra Product Info:
  • Feel pretty while practicing in this moderate support comfortable yoga bra
  • Made with certified organic cotton and spandex - natural softness and stretch for shape retention
  • Bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups
  • Carved racer back shape to allow full range in movement
  • Preshrunk
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort

Namaste Pant - Yet Another Sweatpant!?!?!?! Grrr.

Namaste Pant
Is there a huge market for super casual $80 cotton sweatpants that I'm not aware of? Because at my local stores, not to mention the website, Lululemon had to mark their Feel Good pants way down to get (some of) them out the door and here we are with three more Feel Good clones - Namaste Pant, Dance Sweat II, and the Flashback pant. Is there anyone at Lululemon with a cohesive vision of what their product line should offer? I'm starting to think Lululemon approaches making athletic clothes like GM did making cars, too many models that are too similar. I haven't seen a lot of people on their Facebook site giving feedback that says, 'Hey, Lululemon, please make more baggy-assed sweats for me to schlep around in. Even though I look hot and put together in Groove pants, a Deep V, and a matching Define jacket, I'd much rather look like I have given up caring about myself by wearing can't-really-be-worn-outside-the-house sweatpants that make me look 10 pounds heavier.' Is Lululemon actively trying to get rid of their original customer - fit women in their 30s (now 40s) and is now catering to college kids? I kind of think that when I see lots (and lots!) of sweat pants and strappy tank after strappy tank that don't work for women who have nursed a kid or two and need more support. WHERE ARE THE TANKS?

Product Information:
  • A stylish alternative to the tried and true loose fitting sweatpant
  • Made with certified organic cotton and spandex - natural softness and stretch for shape retention
  • Tencel silk waistband gives support with out digging into you
  • Drawcord for adjustability
  • Cuffed pants to keep them in place during downward dog
  • Back zipper pocket to store $ & keys
  • No hemming required
  • Preshrunk
  • Heathered Charcoal, Bold Blue, Senorita Pink

Photos - Tank on Me, Dance Sweat Pant, Modern Racer Tunic

Tank on Me Bold Blue

Tank on Me Senorita Pink
Regular reader, Pilatesmom, comments that the Tank on Me runs a size small and fits REALLY tight in the chest.

Dance Sweatpant II
Dance Sweatpant II - color choices

Modern Racer Tunic 
The Modern Racer Tunic looks super comfy but I wouldn't say it's particularly flattering.