Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip and Try On Reviews: Principle Jacket, Drishti Bra, & More

I visited my two closest Lululemon stores today. I was hoping to try on the new running Visor but my local stores haven't received it yet. I did buy the new Flight Running Bonnet hat in black.  It covers a lot more of your head than the Distance hat which is slightly bigger than a beanie on me.  The only drawback to this hat is that it is not adjustable, there is just a piece of elastic in back. The hat is very roomy so I can see if your head is smaller it might be too big or if you wear it under very windy conditions you might have trouble keeping it on. Other than that it is the typical Lululemon hat - very light and breathable with a little zipper compartment on top and relfective edging on the brim.  I really like this style, I might have to get another one in Sidewalk gray.
  • Lightweight weather protection for your head keeps you looking good on long runs!
  • Street style fit with short curved brim so it won't blow off when running
  • Wicking fabric with mesh paneling for ventilation
  • Zip pocket secures $ and keys
  • Soft, absorbent and wicking sweatband
  • Write your name on it so you know it’s yours!
  • Machine washable, hang to dry
  • $28
  • Comes in Senorita Pink, Sidewalk gray, and Black
Cool Racerback - Sidewalk

I got the Sidewalk Cool Racerback, too.  This gray is a nice neutral and goes well with Coal and black. I also got a pair of the Featherlight socks for spin. I'll let you know how they worked after my class tomorrow. I am always on the lookout for thin athletic socks since my spin shoes are on the small side.
Principle Jacket
I tried on the Principle Jacket while I was there. I really liked it. It looks very cute hanging open. It's really short but nice if you want something to cover up your shoulders and back if you are wearing a skimpy tank going to and from the gym or on a walk. I thought it fit true to size or even a little on the large side. I definitely had extra room in the shoulers and upper chest but I have narrow shoulders. It has lots of nice details like quilted sections and double layered areas
There is only one tiny pocket than can hold a credit card. I might consider getting it if it gets marked down by $20 or so.
Drishti Bra
I also tried on the Drishti bra. It was an ok bra but nothing special. It comes with an alternative set of narrow satin straps. I put on a Cool Racerback over it to see if the pleats show up and they do. It also comes in a Bold Blue version.
Twisted Headband
I saw the new Twisted Headband. I didn't even bother trying it on, it just looked like it wouldn't stay put on my head. It's a 2.5" strip of luon backed with Cool Mesh and has a single twist in it.

Splatter Stripe Flow Y
I also saw the Splatter Stripe Flow Y. The print is very pretty but I don't think I would like a full length top with the black horizontal stripes. It's really too bad they put stripes in this print.