Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cheer Gear is On-line!

USA Remix Hoodie
Lululemon finally uploaded their long-anticipated cheer gear for the Olympics. I'm not a huge Remix hoodie fan since they are overkill for Southern California most of the year and I find them stiff and bulky. However, if the USA design had been compelling I might have bought one. The design is OK, but not worth it for me to shell out $108 plus tax.  If they had added stripes and contrast stitching like the Germany design, I might feel a little different. I also like the white Canadian design.

Germany Hoodie

White Canada

The mittens are kind of cute but are, again, overkill for Southern California. My husband and I are from the East Coast and we smirk at Southern Californians who don mittens when the temps get into the upper 50s.

USA Mittens

I did end up getting the USA hair ties. I figure I can change out the ties on my other jackets. I also got a pin.

The Canadian moose and beaver pin is cute.

The Travel Pooch is cute and useful but no way is it worth $58. Way over-priced. Even the one in loot is overpriced at $34.

Travel Pooch