Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why Does the Run Stuff Sell Out So Fast on the US Side of the Website

I went looking for the new Senorita Pink Run: Energy Pullover on the US side of the Lululemon website and its already sold out, in all colors. They still have one size left on the Canadian site and they have sizes 8-10 in the black.  I've noticed that the Canadian site sellouts seems to lag the US in the run tops, especially the popular pullovers. I wonder why this is.  Is it because the US sees Lululemon more for technical, purely athletic wear (I know 98% of my purchases are for technical clothes) and the Canadians see Lululemon more as a all around apparel store. For instance, I think the hoodies and non-technical jackets sell out faster on the Canadian side of the website than the US.  Or is it that it's too cold to run outside in Canada right now? Or, is it just a matter of inventory? I'll say when I spot people wearing Lululemon around Southern California they are usually wearing technical pieces and look like they just came from the gym or studio. I think I've seen a Lululemon remix hoodie at Disneyland once. I dunno, but it's interesting how different items sell out at different rates on the two websites.