Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Awesome New Bargains in Loot!!!

Get Set Go Duffel - Black is now $24!!!

Lululemon added/marked down a few new items in Loot (US side). The black Get Set Go Duffel is now $24. I really like the print Get Set Go when they first hit Loot so I couldn't resist  getting the black as either a backup or a potential Christmas gift. It's a great deal at $24 with free shipping.

Luscious Hotshorts - Now $3
Luscious Hotshort and Luluthongs are now $3. I ordered 12 pairs. These are my everyday underwear. Lululemon had a similar sale last year at this time except they were $4 a pair. They are mostly cotton, low rise, and don't ride up.  They do stretch with your bodyheat and some colors fit looser than others, so if you are unsure about your size, size down.  

There were a couple of bras for super cheap. The Sattvic bra is $5. These were out last year. I vaguely remembered trying it on. As I recall it's pretty low support but I bought one anyway for wearing around the house. There is one style of a Lift and Separate in 34/36C for $9.  A couple of the Cross Back Bras are marked down to $9.

I like these super low markdowns! I hope we see more!

New Stuff in Real Life - Fun Times Jacket and Super Tracker Jacket

Fun Times Jacket
If the Fun Times Jacket had normal sleeves, I would consider getting it. I really love the Bold Blue one. Maybe they'll make a remix light in that color. I would love a looser fitting french terry jacket I could just throw on over stuff. Why did you muck up the sleeve Lulu? This jacket would have been super cute with regular sleeves.


Super Tracker Jacket
The Super Tracker Jacket isn't that bad looking in real life. It looks a bit like a rain jacket. I wouldn't pay $138 for it but I might consider it at half price.

Review: First Workout in the All Out Tank - Great for Sweaty Workouts!

Yesterday I wore my new All Out tank to spin class for the first time. I was really happy with how it felt - very cool and comfortable. I really love wearing light luon on my core for sweaty workouts.  I'll admit the low neckline did make me a little self conscious. I wouldn't mind if the top came up a little higher but on the other hand, the open neck does help keep you cool. The circle mesh in the back is just wonderful. Every now and then I could feel the air conditioning cooling my lower back through the mesh panel which was awesome. I love when Lululemon puts in mesh back panels in their tanks. The narrow racerback felt very comfortable, open, and cool. As a DD, I am pushing the limits of this tank, so for me the support was at the low end of medium, high end of low. However, in spin, the only place I really need support is when we do seated sprints. I could feel the buckles under the bust helping keep the girls in place. I wouldn't wear this tank for anything other than a low impact workout. All in all, I am glad I bought this tank. I am looking forward to more hybrid luon/light luon/circle mesh tanks. The Intention Tank was a miss for me, the All Out is a vast improvement but I wouldn't mind something a little more modest in front.