Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Try On Report - All Out Tank (Bought It!), Hot Class Tank, & Here I Am Pant

All Out Tank
My store just put these new tanks, the All Out and the Hot Class Tank, out today. You probably will think I am crazy but I bought this tank tonight.  (The educator told me they sold another one earlier in the day, so I am not the only crazy) I am a little torn about the seam detailing on the bust but the tank felt so good I couldn't resist.  I bought this with an intent of wearing it to spin class. It has several features that helped me overcome my reservations about the boob seaming:

* It has a very lightweight and breathable feeling.
It's made of luon light on the body and has a circle mesh racerback and panel down the center of the back. The fit is loose through the core, similar to the Cool Racerback. The racerback is narrow leaving a large portion of the upper back exposed for cooling. The neckline is open and has a flattering V- shape. I would say it dips to about the same depth as an Athletic Deep V but is a bit wider in the opening. I don't mind a more open chest, I'm all for anything to help keep me cool in spin class.  All in all, the comfortable feel of this tank reminded me a lot of the Cool Racerback except with a built in bra.

* The band of the built in bra is on the outside.
The strap outside has a hook with slots for you to adjust how the band feels under your bust. I played with it a little and don't know if it makes a big difference in support - I'd put this tank on the lower end of medium - but it makes the top a lot more comfortable on the inside. If you have any sort of bossom, your breasts will overhang the band a bit especially at the hook part and it won't show nearly as much.

All in all, I liked the lightweight, comfortable feeling of this top so I thought I'd take a chance.

The negatives - that darn seaming. I took quite a few cell phone photos of myself when trying this on. I suppose I'd like this top better without the topmost seam cutting across my boobs. I don't think it makes your boobs look particularly "squished", especially if you are busty, it just calls more attention to them than I'd normally care for - but that's how we roll in the OC so I'll just fit in more  ;-)  . It does come in a solid black version where the seaming is not nearly as noticeable. It also comes in Bold Blue and Senorita Pink.

I'll let you know how it performs when I wear it to spin class later this week.

UPDATE:  I'm going to have to update this tank to to being pretty cleavage-tastic - on order of the older version of the Deep V.  I was playing around wearing the top this morning - bending over, etc. and I would have to say this top will expose a lot of cleavage if you are endowed and bend over. I didn't really try this out last night. I intend to use this for spin and only bend over a little in class. My class is also arranged in rows facing front so it really isn't an issue.  The whole cleavage thing isn't an issue for me anyway, my gym is in a residential area and most of the people working out there are middle-aged people with kids. Since I work out in the mornings during the week the crowd is mostly women.

All Out Tank Product Features:
- Adjust your bust with this all sports tank
- Made with luon on bust for max support and a luon light on the body for breathability
- Bra constructed on the outside for customized fit and no abrasion on the inside
- Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups
- Mesh back allows for max breathability in those high sweat areas
- Comes in black, bold blue, senorita pink
- $54

Hot Class Tank
I also tried on the Hot Class tank. I had to go down a size since I believe the initial release is only up to a 10 but I liked how it felt, which was pretty much like you weren't wearing anything from waist down. I thought this tank is a vast improvement over the Bulerias - the top part accommodates bustier ladies better and the bottom part did not poof out. I really liked the feel of the luon sheer jersey - lightweight and silky. The only negative I thought was that the straps were too stretchy and not adjustable. Very low support. I'm hoping they have a second release that includes the 12s. I'd buy one to wear at home on hot days.

Hot Class Tank Features:
- Sweat it out in this low support how yoga tank
- Made with quick drying Power Luxtreme provides inherent wicking abilities, keeping you drying and comfortable
- Luon Sheer Jersey body is lightweight and flows with you during your practice
- Bra elastic adds support without restricting
- Side drawcords gather for personalized length and ventilation
- Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups
- $52

Here I Am Pant
The Here I Am Pant wasn't particularly awful. I don't care for the low yoke across the backside, I think it makes your *ss look bigger but they were a comfortable pant. I wouldn't pay $98 for them but I might consider them for farting around the house pants if they showed up on the markdown rack for a significant discount. They have the Tall inseam which I hate. I would consider getting the cuffs taken off since they bag up so much on me it looks ridiculous. I'm 65" and don't have particularly short legs but the Tall inseams on all these pants bagging up at my ankles makes me crazy.

Here I Am Pant Product Features:

  • Warm up in this loose, mid rise yoga pant
  • Made with 4-way stretch luon light, is lightweight and breathable
  • Power luxtreme rib waistband provides support with out digging into you
  • Stretch drawcord waistband adds extra stability
  • Rib cuffs keep your pant in place while exercising
  • Large pockets to store $ & keys
  • $98

The Anti-Lemon

Here is a photo of Ashely or Mary Kate Olson jogging in LA. I just can't get jogging in a button down shirt. I think working out in cotton is yucky enough - heavy, sticky, non-wicking, and unbreathable - but a button down shirt? This reminds me of some of the retirees I see at my gym who sometimes workout in their everyday wear of golf shirts, short sleeve button down shirts, or sometimes even a sweater and casual pants.  I've always been into wearing the proper clothes for any physical activity. It allows you to focus and enjoy your activity and minimize the distraction of your clothes working against you.  Now that I have discovered how great Lululemon athletic clothes are for exercise I have become a true zealot and my scorn of the unenlightened who don't embrace technical exercise clothing has grown worse. Don't they know how much better their workouts (and their lives) could be if they found Lululemon?  ;-) [I'm kidding (a little) about the lives part  ;-)  ]