Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photos of the Newest Stuff - Coal MUPS Scuba, Black Fast Forward, Power Purple Stand Strong, White Hustle Tank & More

Stand Strong tank in Power Purple. This color might tempt me into buying this tank. I can always use another luxtreme tank for spin.

Alignment Tank in Power Purple.

White Hustle Tank

Coal MUPS Scuba

Black Microstripe Inner Awareness - $52

Fast Forward Photo from the Product Alert

Black Fast Forward

The Fast Forward is made of French Terry. It looks super soft. I am looking forward to trying it on.

The SE Hoodie with the interchangeable hood and cuffs.


Glow said...

That girl makes the Alignment Tank look amazing! Almost gets me interested to try it on.

I tried on the Hustle Tank today, but I was disappointed. The ruffle hit me at a weird spot and it looked awkward. :(

I haven't spent much on Lulu lately, so maybe I'll invest in one of the multi-stripe Scubas.

Christine Delaney said...

I think I like the fast forward a lot. Could be really stylish...dressy and casual.

momof5 said...

Love the fast forward -- and the power purple alignment tank-- wonder how it would look with the quilt WUs -- too many lines?

Mel said...

Am bored with the colors. Am waiting this season out and hope for some new fun colors. Power Purple just doesn't work on me.

Sarah said...

I heard from my local lulu that the Fast Forward is going to be Canada only. Wonder if that is true?