Thursday, December 2, 2010

Heathered Power Purple Multistripe CRB

I bought a Power Purple CRB the first time the color came out last year so I am really curious to try on the new Heathered Power Purple version. I really liked the multistripe, static stripe, and wee stripe versions of colors.


Anonymous said...

I am waiting for this to come out. I have very light skin, however, and I'm afraid this will wash me out compared to the darker solid power purple, but I like the subtle pattern. Wish I could try it on in person!

Anonymous said...

I tried this on in the store. It feels very soft and nice. Like the static CRBs that came out recently, I had to size down on my usual CRB size which is a 6 to a 4. It felt "stretchier" than CRBs I've had from say a year ago or so. It's a really cute print!