Thursday, December 23, 2010

Australian Heads Up: Lullure CRB in Passion

Lululemon is going to be making some of the CRBs in Lullure. This is a lighter weight, silkier, slightly shinier version of luon. Lullure is not a new fabric - they have made some items from it before. I always thought it felt/performed similar to luxtreme. I have a tank in Lullure - the Conditioning tank, and feeling it and a regular CRB, the Lullure is definitely thicker so I am not sure why they are going to be making CRBs in this fabric. The old Lift and Separate bra was made of lullure and the early Ta Ta Tamers were, too. All this being said, who knows if the new lullure will feel the same as the older version. I'm sure a different factory is making the fabric than the one they used a couple of years ago so it will be interesting to feel this new fabric.

Conditioning Tank - made of lullure


Neph said...

I don't love the shine of lullure on most pieces. I'm kinda eh on this one.

Sorry, off-topic, but I really, really hate the new photos! Why would I want to see the model staring at her feet? These photos are so awkward and amateur, is there really a lack of healthy, athletic, TRAINED models?

LuluAddict said...

I wouldn't mind seeing a more muscular model like they have at athleta. I wish they would stand up straight, too. It makes the clothes lay wrong when they look down or hunch over.