Monday, November 29, 2010

More Photos of the New Items - Hustle Jacket, New Tank Colors, Sparkle Cuddle Up Jackets

Some more info on the new Hustle Jacket:

Fabric: DWR Swift ( Durable Water Repellant )
Colours: Plum Shale Stripe, Coal Shale Stripe, White Silver 1/16" Stripe
Sizes 2-12

-Reflective Panels
-Cuffs & Thumbholes
-Super soft liner with anti stink Circle Mesh
-Stowable hood
-Headphone cord exit

 New Scoop Necks and Power Y tanks in Black Roses and Power Purple Multistripe (also new Power Purple reversible Wunder Unders)

New Define Jackets in Coal Pique, Black Ruffles, and Coal/Power Purple

New Sparkle Cuddle Up Jackets - the Casis one looks cute with jeans


Anonymous said...

Do you by chance know when these will be released in US more specifically in CA ?

I missed out on the first batch on cuddle up jackets. When the second batch came in, I had the jacket in my cart and it literally sold out before I could check it out !

I still want one and badly, so I am curious if there are any news when these will be coming in ?

Anonymous said...

I love my cuddle up but i dont understand why they would release black in every round of them, i know black is a basic but really they are the exact same. The black one also doesnt have the sparkle which makes it a million times more appealing to me but of course i got a black one in the last round so i dont need 2.

momof5 said...

Word is the new cuddle ups are not as soft as the others-- has anyone felt them to see -- I wonder if the tinsel woven in makes it coarser?

LuluAddict said...

@momof5 - I've read the new Cuddle Ups are as soft as the previous batch.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried on the pique define? It looks so comfy and cute! I was thinking of sizing up as the fabric looks thinner and as though it might be less forgiving around the tummy. Thoughts? How does the pique hold up?

RunningOnCoffee said...

I wonder what makes the Hustle Jacket $10 less than the Inspire Jacket?

Cheryl said...

I really want to love the Cuddle Up, but they seem short to me....the purple one looks longer than the white one. I like things to hit about halfway down my butt, so I'll be passing on this one.

Anonymous said...

Yes, tried on & bought the pique define yesterday. It is indeed super soft, more stretchy than the traditional defines. I bought my same size & it fits the same. It is super cute.....

LuluAddict said...

@ Runningoncoffee - The Hustle is made of Swift, maybe it's a bit cheaper than the Glyde the Inspire is made of. Also, the Inspire had the extra zipper at the neck.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the light purple color of the Hustle Jacket!! Luluaddict - is this supposed to be a running jacket like the Inspire? It doesn't seem to have all the features.. like the Garmin watch window and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does the placement of the reflective stripes on the Hustle Jacket in these photos make it look like an evil grin? Might not be a bad thing, but kind of odd.... (Other than that, though, the design is pretty sweet... especially the front!)