Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Power Dance Tank - Review of First Wearing to the Gym

I wore my new Power Dance Tank to spin class this morning. I liked it for the most part but thought it was a little warm compared to my other lightweight, breathable tanks. I wore my Champion Powerback bra underneath for extra support. Doubling up on bras in a tank that already has a built in bra usually gets rather constricting but it didn't bother me until about around 3 pm.  The bra straps stick out a little bit at the bottom and top of the racerback part but since it was a black bra under the gray space dye top I didn't think it looked that bad. The tank was very comfortable and I really liked how it looked when I checked my reflection in the mirror in class. Since I was essentially stationary on the bike, I thought the sheer luon kept the hot air a bit trapped around my stomach and didn't breathe nearly as well as the circle mesh in my No Limits tank. The sheer luon also will definitely showcase heavy perspiration. I wasn't super hot in the tank but I knew I could feel cooler if I had worn a circle mesh tank. Of course, that is Lululemon's most breathable and wicking tank. I'm sure wearing this tank to an aerobics type class where the bottom would flap around would make it feel a bit cooler and be an awesome choice. I will definitely wear it again to spin class, particularly since it's not a really hot time of year. All in all I am very happy with the Power Dance tank - it's super comfortable and a very unique look in the gym.

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