Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photo of the Black Dash LS

Some good photos showing the Black Dash LS have popped up:

These are paired with Coal/Lilac Inspire crops


Anonymous said...

I wish they did rucheing (sorry, if I spelled that wrong) instead of the ruffles. I really like the weight of the fabric, but oy, the ruffles get to me.

Anonymous said...

I really loved this top when I tried it on but I just don't like the ruffles down the back. Hopefully they will come out with something similar w/out ruffles. How about just a plan running luon long sleeve top? I would buy it in every color.

Anonymous said...

The ruffles seem really random. I think that Lulu is cheaping out on their design lately. They're going for "cheap" design details such as these ruffles, seam placements, or variegated threads/weaves. Notice the lack of prints or really functional details? Honestly very disappointed in lulu---really feel that they've sold out---it's all about maximising revenues & share values, isn't it.

LuluAddict said...

@ Anon 11:07 pm - I do wish there were more prints in the tanks but I have wanted a plain - no racing stripes, no ribbons - running luon top for awhile. I agree with Anon 9:59 pm that I would have liked a version without ruffles so it would layer smoothly under jackets. The Run Dash LS does have the circle mesh panels and an ipod pocket with a cord tunnel so it does have a couple of nice technical features. The Inspire running jacket had lots of nice technical details like luxtreme (or was it running luon) cuffs with a slit for your GPS watch, a stowable hood, ipod pocket with cord tunnels, and mesh panels.

I think the biggest place where Luluelmon is obviously cutting costs is in the garment construction. I've had to bring in three different items for repair for unraveling hems. Also, if you look at the bra bands inside the tanks, there is less stitching on the elastic than there used to be so they are not as sturdily constructed as before. This is something that needs to be addressed.

RunningOnCoffee said...

I agree ruching (like on the back of the Brisk LS) would be less disruptive than a big ruffle if you want to layer.

My store got the black and teal zeal versions of this top this week (that was the only thing new for women in my product notification email).

I can second what LuluAddict said about the great features on the Inspire Jacket! I love mine.

Here's the new-photo-style notification that came in my email for a men's item (Pacific Beach Hoodie):

momof5 said...

Great point Luluaddict about the inner bra cheapness -- they were the originator of the cup bra and it seems they are bastardizing it with the cheap design -- my salutation seems almost cheap -- I hate that I have to pull the top up to make sure it is laying flat and not flipping up or twisted. -- couple that with not sending cups with their tanks and it is really lacking IMO! I cannot understand why they would cheapen what made them such an innovative and exciting product!! Granted -- i still love the tanks -- but I hate always having to check for quality control