Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lululemon - Marathon Tested

My sister ran her first marathon today in Portland. Yesterday she stopped at the new Lululemon Bridgeport Village store to pick up some clothes for the marathon. She bought a lolo Swiftly tee, a lilac Swiftly long sleeve, a pair of Inspire crops, and a pair of Crosstrain crops - all things she had never tried before but I guess the staff talked her into them. I have been telling her for ages to try the Swiftlys and luxtreme crops. For the summer, her favorite running outfit is a Power Y and Groove shorts. Last fall she bought two Spirit pullovers which she loves. She is a five foot nothing size four with athletic thighs and she has run her chest off so support is not an issue for her. For today's marathon she wore her new long sleeve Lilac Swiftly, a lavender Power Y, and her new Crosstrain crops. She really loved the Crosstrain crops and didn't have any problems with them slipping down. In face she sounded very pleased with the performance of all her Lululemon clothes. As soon as she sends me photos I will post. It sounded like a rather miserable run - it rained the whole time.


Becky C said...

Congrats to the sis on the marathon finish! Ugh to the rain. Can't wait to see pics...I've been training myself for Outer Banks marathon and can use any inspiration I can get.

RunningOnCoffee said...

Congrats to your sister!!

Luckily have not had to run a race in the rain yet. I can tell you my Fast shorts, Speed shorts and IJWR Tank are half marathon tested! I can't imagine wearing crops for such a long race unless it's cold out -- I like to be as cool as possible when I run.

houndlvr67 said...

Didn't run the Chicago marathon but was in the city the day before the race. The selection in the Halsted store (one of the largest Lulus in the nation) was pathetic in regards to new product...almost the whole store was on sale! Walked out with nada! They didn't even make their typical 26.2 shirt in honor of the marathon.
I also went to the store on Rush Street which is a block off Michigan Ave. (the "magnificent mile" for all of the fab shopping). It was packed with what were, obviously, Lulu newbies who were in a frenzy!
Congrats to your sister 10/10/10 must have been a MAJOR marathon day all over!