Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From my Product Notice - Light Up Tank

Product Features:

  • Let your light shine with this medium support, performance tank
  • Luxtreme™ feels silky smooth on, and is light weight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Reflective features keep you safe on night rides and runs
  • Body mapping mesh panels to keep you cool while you heat up
  • Anti-sitnk circle mesh liner with pockets for removable cups
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance
  • Colors: Wish blue, Black, and Pig 
  • Sizes 4-12
This came in my product notice for Santa Monica so I assume it'll arrive at the Newport store in a couple of days. 

It's cute but I don't think it'll work for me. I doubt it has enough support (or even cup space) and it looks rather low cut. Do you runners see it being very functional? It looks long and snug fitting.

Some Goodies Today!!!

Oh my, I am so happy to see the Circle Mesh versions of the Cool Racerback!!! Circle mesh is so cool to work out in. I'm a little bummed it only comes in black and white but I ordered a black and am considering ordering the white, too. The only problem with the white is that is is very see through.  I bought a white Run: Like the Wind Singlet on markdown a couple of weeks ago and it is a basically a circle mesh tank with a

luxtreme flap. Even though the flap is silly looking, I love how cool the tank is for spin class. However, without the flap, you could see pretty much every detail on the Champion Powerback bra I wear underneath. The Champion bra isn't a bra that is designed to be worn stand alone like most of lululemon's bras are so I'd feel funny wearing it underneath such a see through tank. I'll have to think about the white one some more. I love the circle mesh tank idea, Lululemon - please make more in more colors!!!!

Circle mesh is very breathable and cool. However, be careful with it since it snags more easily than lightweight luon. Also, on me, and a few others, the chitosan anti-stink finish on the circle mesh seems to retain rather than repell odors. It's not a problem if you wash the garment after each use, though.

The I Just Wanna Run showed up in Wish Blue, along with Citron and Pig pink, and is super pretty. I prefer the look of the Run: Energy SL so that means there will be no Energy in this color. Hmmm, to order or not to order. I suspect the Citron and Pig will be on the see-through side, similar to how Chirp was.

The Run: With It crops finally showed up on-line. I am bummed they only go to a ten otherwise, I'd probably order a pair. However, the Zoom crops and Zoom knee shorts are available to the twelve. I am considering the Zoom knee shorts. Anyone have these and have any feed back on them?

New colors of the Zoom: Knee shorts have shown up but the plain black have not been replenished. I am considering getting the potion version but only have one potion top to match with it. I have lots of purple tanks but the stripes make it hard. Dang, that is why I always buy the plain black.

New Defines in Wish, Citron, and Pig showed up. I like the Wish Blue the best and the zipper is not as noticeable as in the other colors.

All in all, a very happy upload for me.

Oh yes, there was a tank and matching bra uploaded that subsequently disappeared. It's in the new colors, so it will certainly show up soon. The skirt is also new. The material looks on the shiny side, so I'd guess they are made of luxtreme. The tank looks like it has a drawcord at the bottom.

The tank looks like a mix of the Conditioning tank (the edging and luxtreme abdomen) and the Hot Class tank (the top):
Conditioning Tank

Hot Class Tank

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pics - On the Go Gym Bag, Define Jackets, Cool Racerbacks

On the Go Gym Bag

Define Jackets in Wish Blue, Pig Pink, and Citron

Cool Racerback Rainbow - (R to L) Cool, Angel Blue, Savage Green, Lime, Citron, Mac N Cheese Yellow, Electric Orange, Senorita Pink, Pig Pink

This Cool Racerback rainbow kind of annoys me. It's been a week or so now and where are the other tank designs besides the CRB and the Power Y in the new colors? (Oh yeah, there was also the Hip Halter tank - a tank brought back from last summer.) So far, my product alerts for the week look pretty lame - Define jackets, Groove Pants and shorts, CRBs, Power Ys, and the Hip Halter. Zzzzzzzzzz......... Nothing making me want to run down to the store. I guess I'll wait to see what else shows up in the pipeline.

Flashback and Free 2 Be Jackets Now in Loot for $59

Flashback Jacket $59

I have the black Flashback jacket and really like it. It fits a little on the big side so you may want to size down depending on how you like your jackets to fit. Also, the zipper is metal and has sharp teeth so be extra careful if you wear this jacket with a Run: Swiftly shirt underneath.

Free 2 Be Jacket

Lots of love for the Free 2 Be Jacket. I tried it on and liked it well enough but not for $98. I'm not a fan of the wide collar and big hood but a lot of people really like this jacket. For $59, it's a decent buy.

If you are thinking of getting either of these jackets, do a search for either one (box is on the upper right side of the screen) and it will bring up all the posts that have comments on these jackets.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pics of New Stuff

Define in Citron

I can't say I think the new zipper design is an improvement to the Define Jacket. I much prefer the old-style zipper.  What do you guys think?  I read the new zipper is metal rather than plastic. I don't know if that's true but if it is, I hope it's not the same zipper they used on the Flashback jackets. That zipper hurts when you rub your hand against it.

Defines with more subtle zippers and the hair tie pull

This photo showed up on the Saskatoon FB page. I'm not sure if this is Potion Purple or another purple. I almost think it's potion since the crops look like the static charcoal and potion Mynah crops. If it's a new purple, I like it.

I like the ombre fades on these gym bags. I wish lululemon would make tanks and tees that fade like this. They have come out with a few cotton tanks with the fade and a luxtreme top. I think it's such a pretty look.

Older Expression Tank and Trail Tech Shirt with an ombre fade

These are nice pinks but I think they are wasted in the men's line. I can't say I see a lot of men wearing pink at my gym. I especially like the top pink - bring it over to the women's side, lulu!

Stow N Go Jackets Now in Loot for $29

The Stow N Go jackets are now in Loot for $29. I bought one last week and used it a few times already. I really like this jacket. It is a perfect light weight windbreaker to carry in a backpack when the summer days turn cooler. I also wore this after heading home from the gym as a cover up. It's great for when it's too hot to wear luon. However, make sure to towel off well because if you are still perspiring, like I was after spin class, the jacket will stick to you and locks your body heat in with you. Once I cooled off, the jacket was great to wear while running errands.

This jacket fits really large so I recommend sizing down two sizes from your normal tank size to get a fit similar to that show in the above photo. If you want a snugger fit, like in the photo of the passion jacket below, size down three sizes.

The passion and white are somewhat see through so be aware. I bought a black one. I know people have said the black reminds them of a hefty bag but black is my preferred jacket color. Also, there is a review on the Lululemon site where a woman reported a bit of bleeding of the color when she wore hers in the rain. She must have gotten it pretty wet because she said water came through the seams. I wore mine in a water ride at Disneyland and it got splashed a good bit, but nothing came off on my shirt or came through the seams. She didn't say what color she bought but I wonder if it was the passion version.

 White and Passion are rather see-through

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Potion Purple Run: Swiftly Bleeds!

Ugh, I've read about Lululemon's bleeding problems but haven't experienced it until now. I finally washed my Potion Purple Run: Swiftly for the first time and noticed the tops of my sidewalk and white Featherlite socks looked pinkish. I happened to wear a white bra under my shirt today and sure enough, the armpits were stained purplish. I also washed my Run: Team Spirit crops with the white splatter band at the top with my swiftly shirt but the white band did not pick up or, most likely, retain the pink stain. Luckily, everything else I washed it with was purple, coal, or black.

Yay, the white band remained white

Boo, tops of socks are now faintly pinkish

Anyway, for those of you who bought a potion purple swiftly, be sure to wash it with only similar colors or other black items and wear it with a black or similar colored bra.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Real Life Photos of Get Started and Run: With It Jacket

For those of you thinking about getting the Get Started jacket that is now in Loot, here are some real life photos of it. This is another jacket that I think looks best viewed from the rear.

The two cutest pics I have found of the Run: With It Jacket. Most photos I have seen of this jacket do not look flattering at all. I think you have to size down to get rid of the boxiness.